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Limon IX and Sour Thai Bx1



Hey karma! Things are looking great!! I woudlnt worry too much about the burn, they still look great!! I look forward to seeing an updated shot here in a few days!!
Milhouse- yup, if you think they look good in those pics, I'm sure you'll like the next ones. :D

O yea and I've got dreams of a 600 setup as well. Cool thing is if we ever upgrade, our current cabinets would probably be a pretty sick veg cab / breeding cab.

I'm kinda getting scared that they will overgrow the cab. Should be better in a few weeks assuming I get a somewhat normal M/F ratio. I think I should have started LST earlier because these stems are looking kinda thick!

Will have pic update tomorrow with before/after pics of LST...
Training Day Update

I just tied my babies down after I saw one of my Limon's leaf tips got toasted by my PLL. The damage wasn't serious at all and I'm honestly surprised by how cool the PLLs run.

Before LST...

After LST...

It's getting crowded in my cab! I'm kind of purposefully overgrowing my cab right now, to minimize the extra space that isn't utilized by the females once the males are taken out. I probably won't wait too much longer to start flowering, but I still need to take some clones.


What was a mini jungle is now a jungle. I had to surround the middle lights with hardwire cloth to prevent growth tips from hitting the lights. I need to go into 12/12 either today or tomorrow, just need to fix a few light leaks.

O yea, I have a quick question: How long does it typically take after flipping lights to 12/12 before one can definitively differentiate between male/female plants?

Pics of the jungle will follow whenever I flip the lights...


Hey Karma, go to your local hardware store and buy some fluorescent tube guards, like a T12 guard if they have them. Otherwise you can order online for pretty cheap i am sure. They slide right over the bulbs and the leaves can grow right up against without getting burnt. If you really want to get slick, look for the thread on here where someone made individual cool tubes out of those for each of his bulbs! Very Very cool and innovative!!!!
Thanks for the advice guys.

Milhouse-I would probably use the tube idea but the hardware cloth seems to be doing its job quite well. O yea and I think you were thinking of Tilt's vert PLL setup. His cab inspired me to go vertical with the PLLs and his cool tube setup is sweet! He probably has one of the most efficient micro cabs (the only negative in my mind is the high plant count).

And now, the much anticipated update...

Day 3 of flower

First the addition of hardware cloth surrounding the vertical lights

The clones I took before flipping the lights. There are 8 clones because a branch fell off of a plant due to my rough handling and I figured it might as well be a clone in case the other one doesn't root. Clone method: ice cube tray for water bottles with water reservoir+vermiculite+scultz rooting hormone.

Scale shot to show a Limon's fat stem

Plants have now grown past the first vertical light...

O yea and I couldn't get any good shots of preflowers because my camera sucks. There are a few, but I can't really determine sex yet. The most advanced preflower is on a sour thai, it has two white hairs coming out of a little green sheath. I think this one is female.

P.S. I know this is the Swan Song forum and I mean no disrespect to Zep, but here is a DGS logo I made for a contest over in her forum. Let me know if you have any suggestions for improving it!
Preliminary Sexing

Preliminary Sexing

After 4 days of flower I can semi-confidently count 5 females and 2 males! Looks like my wish was granted and I ended up with a Limon female!:dance013:

The males are one Limon and one Sour Thai-specifically the sour thai that looked janky in the first pics, but then blew up after I fed him.

I'm really excited,I feel like this is the perfect ratio for a nice yield! I'll probably let the males sit for a few more days just to make sure.

Update: the ladies have reached the top lights, so I have surrounded them with hardware cloth as well. I have been busy so no photos for now. Propped up the Limon plant so it gets more light, it really hasn't stretched much at all compared to the Sour Thai.

Quick Question: do the tops completely stop growing upwards after stretch period ends? I hope so cuz I'm running out of space! Off to work on getting my LST PhD...:)
sorry for the lack of updates, my life has been very busy recently.

Maybe some bud shots will redeem this thread...

Limon nug

same one...this cola was the easist to shoot and is the furthest along in terms of development

plants almost hitting the ceiling!

Shit got overgrown quick and defoliation might be necessary soon...

Next time I'll pull some plants outta the cab for some better pics

O yea, they're around 3 weeks flower here, and although my camera won't pick it up there are def some trichs starting to form!:dance013: