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Let's see your frostiest bud!! part 2


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Cung lee


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My sweet 16a#3 "boy shorts" cut. Cross is a bunch of Mexican bag seeds I've been working for years. Chopping today... Looked like it was done and I don't think it's gonna get any better. According to calendar this took 64 days. Last time I went 70. Best I can do with my phone. I'll come back with a tripod later.


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I think that is the frostiest bud thats ever graced this thread..

why thank you , thank you very much

at 37 degrees latitude , these were the last to finish

believe it or not , this was early October and out on the eastern high plains of Colorado , we get snow in October , sometimes September

all we did was shake the snow off the plants and then three days later harvested them

yes indeed , some strong medicine

here is some c99 we grew about 7 yrs ago




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Been very curious about this. From seed? Is it Ethos? How are the terps?
It really nice, had one pheno was all og/chem and other pheno like the pic more jet fuel gelato.
All diesel with berries at the end.
My og/chem pheno reminded me a lot of our east coast strain Irene kush..
Love compound genetics, brother is doing his thing with respect
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