Krunchbubble Plays With LED's...


Dear Haters, I Have So Much More For You To Be Mad
:biggrin:Times are a changing and its time to try out new technologies. LED's used to scare me. They have been available to growers for about a decade now and have gained the reputation of being a bunk technology for OUR use. Super high investment for wispy, not very impressive bud...

Technology for LED's have really come along and there are many grows that show you can outproduce conventional HID lighting, while producing 75% less heat in both personal and commercial grows..

While pouring over LED grows and companies for a week I found a LOCAL, Bay Area based LED company called Starlite.
I emailed them and they invited me to their office to see their products...

I was really impressed with their LED technology. Its not your run of the mill Chinese LEDs they are using, like most LED companies out there. They patented a chip to make the LED be able to dissipate heat much more efficiently, allowing a much higher output then the normal LED chip. This patented chip also allows a longer life and much less dimming over time...

For a 5X5 tent, they recommended to me 3 320watt Helios Duet Fixtures...


Dear Haters, I Have So Much More For You To Be Mad
They tent is currently vegging. I have some Cookies And Cream from Exotic Genetics on the left and the rest is The White from Dark Heart Nursery..

A bit of a learning curve, I had the lights 3ft above the plants and moved then 18" from them a few days ago. Made a hell of a difference...

The LED's keep the tent 10F above whatever the temp is outside, the DE's would be 15-20F above...

I 'Mainlined" all the plants to have an overall shorter grow. Probably another week of veg and I start to flower...



Timely informative and lookin damn clean ta boot.

Great work as always.
Subbed n eager to see how they do .

Also those fixtures look dope. Killer cooling fin degsin n from the sound if it there just as well thought out inside.

Thanx for posting up ur experiance!
Big ups respect and happy growing.
glad to see your still growing, remember when you first came to icmag, since then you've contributed some great pics and strain descriptions, keep it up :)


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How did I miss this thread. Been really interested in leds, I just haven't seen enough to warrant the massive cost. I can buy a 2 1ks and a mini split for the cost of 1 led. Show should be interesting


Hi Krunchbubble!

We're so excited to see how these turn out!
I'll be able to answer any questions as well about our products on this thread if that's ok with Krunchbubble.
this is gonna be sick, subbed. I would also like to know how much there fixtures run price wise. Their website doesn't really have that information


Dear Haters, I Have So Much More For You To Be Mad
VERY HAPPY with the growth after I dropped the lights! There is noticeable growth from the pics from 3 days ago! They are in super veg mode right now. This weekend will be lights out...:biggrin:

Took the Cookies N Cream out and moved the to my 10X10 tent, this is all The White now...