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Judge Packs thread 2020


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yes what is going on ? are we gonna make it or what ?
love you all... .. .
keep all safe and green... .. .


Yeah, as the Social Clubs are forced to close right now for at least 2 weeks I have doubts that we can have our cup in April...

I really hope that the situation calms down soon!


mack 10

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This is a major bummer.
Was really looking forward to the cup.

Keep the thread updated
With any updates, please.

Then some of us might be able to change/wangle some flight/hotel bookings.

Best vibes to all.
F that virus.


meltybubble your scoring was terrible last time, did you even sample the packs?
I don't think you should be asking for every category and I question your suitability as a judge. You're a lovely guy but the scores you gave last time were bordering on suspicious.

Bro, there's lots I think too but I don't go putting it all on here.

First of all I am sorry my judging wasn't up to your standards.
When there are so many samples to judge fairly I don't bother trying to guess strain names., never have done. Most of us judge things differently.
Your issue was my scores were too average? And this is suspicious how?

I would like to assure all who will read and take the effort to enter that yes I sampled all and went to the bother of finding missing entries as that would surely tipped the scales. I have always been as fair as humanly possible but fault can always be found.

This virus is causing havoc but I hope everyone stays safe and look forward to 420 on 710 and if not then asap!

Peace and love to all!


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sourkush New account but shadow reader so I hope it will not be too punishing
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