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That sucks dude.
You don't seem to upset by it, so hey. Take care we will see you when you get out.
Say hi to Ricky for me


my buddy just went through the same shit man, keep your head up and look forward to that buddage :rasta:


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Hope you aint goin to the big house and only doin a county stint. Just stay away from the green bologna!!! Keep your head up in there and spend your time expanding yourself as a whole. Maybe come up with a master grow set up with drawings, could help pass the time. GL BRO

D Rock

Heard you were locked up bro, keep safe and chime in when you get out. Hope all is well. Tried to give you some rep but I had already given you too much. Take care.


no offense chubbynugs, but drawing up ideas for a grow-op aren't the best idea when you are in jail. corrections officers can look through your cell while you're in the shower to look for things you shouldn't have, ie shanks, drugs, etc. don't give em the edge j-roc!


Damn man...worst place I could think of for any creature is in a cage. :badday:

Be safe and stay tough. :joint:


Hope lookes like a nice littel gal i wish you both all the best.
And your rabbit looks cool.


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LOL ok Koop4 i was just joking around to lighten up the situation. I know what jail is like i have done five and a half years in the slammer here in California and a CO doesnt have to wait for you to take a shower to look through your cell. They will just sit you down outside of it cuffed and rip it apart.

Dr Dog

Sharks have a week dedicated to me
bongasaurus said:
are ya sure your not just going to be hiding under your trailer?

just messing with ya man, best of luck
I saw that episode too, trying to build up hype for when his record drops
funny stuff


Hello Fans!
Wow did everything get crazy during the 48 hours i was at the zoo
i mention 1 little thing about going to jail and blammo everyone goes insane!

last time i was picked up i was in holding for 3 days before i was even shipped off to remand.. then my bail was 500$ cash..

i skipped that courtdate for teh 2nd time. i had to turn myself in so that i could clear my name to apply for a passport so that i can goto fla after xmas.

i dont know what happend i guess my lawyer is a miracle worker or maybe they are way more leinient when u turn yourself in.. i have paid some fines since then but, i didnt have to stay long at all and i got out free with just a courtdate in a couple weeks.

too try and salvage this thread heres a couple shots of half cured hope

__ __


well while you was gone we gave you a zillion reps and sumone that was alittle trigger happy started a FUNd thread for you. :joint:

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