Introducing..BDL(Big Dreamy Lights)!!!


Plz forget you know me...Sugaree
High All! Well...this is a strain i built from the Nirvans Northern Lights and Big Bud, crossed with MODs DreamGodess. I always liked the long lasting, sleepy stone of the NLxBB. also really loved the flavor and tric coverage of the DG. So these two mashed pretty well...and I was suprized with the clone I ended with....
First, her growth pattern was nearly perfect...

She was only 2 feet tall....

She got a bit of purple to her(by acceident)...

her trics continued to develope...

buds got can clearly see the Big Bud influence here...

and here.....

Got over 2.5 zips from a plant that staue under 2 feet. she also had litle to no "post flower streach" like maybe 4 inches the entire flower time. This is ONE plant....

...And dried....she is very "dank" to say the least...

So plan is to grow out a buch of males from the same batch and cross the "best" one wthe the current clone.
Im hoping on a nice purple male for the cross. SOooo we'll see.
So...peace and hope you enjoy, Bugout:Bolt:
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tbug-very nicely done man. love to see a home cross lookin that good. great job.....sub


I took anger management already!!!! FUCK!!!
I say she is an elite... Why not?? How does she smoke? whats she smell like? Give a lil report if ya can? Great cross bbl to see dried shots.. peace..



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Looks great! Sounds like a perfect strain for cab growers and proves you can make some amazing things with your own set of beans.
Keep up the good work.


Plz forget you know me...Sugaree
High All! Thank you all for your kind words and praise. I was not sure that people would care about another homemade I was not even going to make a thread til I learned a few new tricks with my macro ..and thanks for noticing them doobie, as they a pain in the arse with the shitty digi i but it to work ...he-he!
As far as a smoke report, well the initial report is that the high(more like stone) is exactly what I personally wanted. very heavy and sedative and long lasting. Perfect for what I use MJ for. just a put ya to bed stone so I dont have to drink myself The flavor was NOT what id hoped. Still has the same "licorice" tasteof the NL. definately not how it smells. I was hoping that the DG would add its favor(very nice) but hell, it added the tric coverage which is the more important trait I guess.
I'll post some pics of the well cured buds once they're ready and give an updated smoke report as well.
Peace and thanks again, bugout:Bolt:



THats a keeper,i cant imagine the hash....


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very nice T! i saw you lurking around my thread at the other place and thought i'd hunt ya down and see what you've been up to. :rasta:
awesome pics man



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AugustWest said:
very nice T! i saw you lurking around my thread at the other place and thought i'd hunt ya down and see what you've been up to. :rasta:
awesome pics man

High west! Ah! ya' cought me....thought I could sneek in Guess itll be a few more years til I get my"Splinter Cell merit badge"
yeah, i aint been up to much. just this here project and another w/ Satori. Just trying to get a couple choice batches of seeds so i dont have to keep a clone going ALL the time. I want to shift over to the one crop a year thing, and go back to living normally the rest of the

High Cough! ...long time, my bro. Thanks for checkin in and glad you like. Bongs aint all I can

Thanks for stoppin lou and steppa!
peace, bugout:Bolt:

Bubble Puppy

wow ..that def looks like something wayyy special ...might want to do some type of production of that ..colors are amazing..


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High Pupp! Thanks man for the idea, but im in the states so thats just not gonna Would love to share and sucks that I cant :badday: Maybe someday when my kids are grown I will move to europe and follow my dream. Til' then its just a

High ALL! Well here is more photos. they are completely dried and mostly cured. Still smell great, almost grapey(is that a word?). taste hasnt changed much....if anything its mellowed and is less harsh. the stone seems more balanced(steady) still sleepy and very quick at the onset. I mean within minutes of Its solid couch-lock for sure, and i woudnt suggest it for the party My "party" buddy said he liked it better, but I dont see how????
So anyway....

Ocne again...2.5 ounces from ONE plant that stayed lessed than 24 inches...


Well, yes the pistols are orange/peach but the lighting REALLY brought that out here...

More like what I see when I pack my bong...

So there ya have it! Hope ya' enjoy it.
Peace, bugout:Bolt:

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Damn those buds are mouth watering Tbug.. If I could buy buds that looked like that I wouldn't have to grow it my damn self. I love the colors and trichs she possesses:joint:

We share similar dreams... See ya in Europe:wave:. How bout Spain??