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    Our video interview between Gypsy Nirvana and Soma is now available to watch in the podcast section. Click here to check it out.

Video International Cannagraphic In Amsterdam - Soma Interview

The cannabis industry is full of people who are more than happy to tell you how great they are. And then there is Soma, who prefers to let his work do the talking. After a brief stint in corporate America, he discovered the healing and spiritual benefits of the cannabis plant which set him on a path of discovery and the creation of the award-winning Soma Seeds - Sacred & Legendary. Listen in while Gypsy talks (and smokes) with Soma in Amsterdam.

Our second video should launch in the first week or two of November. Watch for it!

As Gypsy says in the video, thanks very much to Pure Sativa for sponsoring our trip and making it possible. For all your seed and smoking needs visit www.puresativa.com, you won't be dissapointed! @PureSativaUK

Watch video on Odysee here.
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Oct 18, 2022


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Don't know the production details jesse, but StevenHXF has been out sick also, so that could be affecting the schedule.

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