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Insect identification issue!


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Im ken. Im new to this platform. I grow in colorado. I pride myself on my insect diagnosing abilities. With that said. I have found a misidentification on Growweedeasy.com

If you search leafhopper on google or grow weed easy you will find this image. The image says "Leafhopper". Another image in the article shows a similar leaf and says "overgrowdaworld". That's why im here. The photos are not leafhopper damage. They are 4lined plant bug damage. This is very important because improper identification leads to improper treatment. I have sent an email to the editor of growweedeasy explaining the mix up. And I'm hoping that this post reaches the photograph owner so that they too can understand the difference.

A lot of people use grow weed easy. And it's important that every last picture and punctuation is proper.

I hope this message finds everybody well, happy growing.


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