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IC420 Cup 2023 Picture Thread

Nico Farmer

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Anyone got some hash photos?
2 hashs, moroccan type not on the pic:


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Sativa Grower (This pack was a bit lacking...no Haze Growers out there?!)

1st place
Entry # 35 - Bask Triangle Farms - Tropikana Cherry
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2nd place
Entry # 38 - Seshata - ZerBerry (Sorry, pic is missing...I´m trying to take a pic from my leftovers as soon as I got them in my hands ;-) )

3rd place
Entry # 40 - Yerbasy Haze - Tropicana Cookies
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Entry # 37 - Orgganics- Tropicana Cookies
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Entry # 36 - Bezzle710 - Gelatti
View attachment 18838930
Entry # 39 - JFK Genetics - Headbanger View attachment 18838924


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As for the no pure sativas, all hybrids... how about a five Sativa poly-hybrid? Not an entry, but a winner in my garden!
A cross of Ace seeds Zamaldelica and Green Mountain Purple Satellite. Zamaldelica (the mother) ia great hybrid of three landrace sativas, (Malawi Gold, Thai, and Zamal,from Reunion Island) and Purple Satellite (the father) is a cross of Oaxacan and Nepali. Together they create an exotic powerhouse of psychoactive effects!


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