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I remember when,.......


Weed didn't have "names",......and it had seeds.

You called/paged the guy and MAYBE you'd hear back that day,......

You took whatever he had, even if it looked like coffee grounds.

Pipes were wood, metal, or rock,....there was no glass.

Rolling with "S.D. Modiano's", meant you had "green weed", and you knew how to roll.

You could actually find "Fabulous Furry Freek Brothers" comics.

High Times actually published an article entitled: "Cannabis Ruderalis, the NEXT smoke!!"

You needed a record album cover to "clean" weed.

You knew what an record album cover WAS.

Everyone knew "Dave's not here maan",......you didn't have to explain it.

You could always tell if there was an indoor grower in the neighborhood, because there'd be 3 street lights sawed off.



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good stuff. I pulled the dust off my tommy album the other day and opened it up and there was still some green powder in the crease. I think its been twenty years since I last looked at this album. What great memories of the 80's. Rolling up a number of Meigs county home grown and listening to opera.


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We used a Frisbee to role on and get the seeds out of the weed. Also I didn't know that buds weren't flat or came in a brick till the 90's...


lmao pagers

i remember pre pagers pre metric (lol fuck you grams of pot) back to the days of walking uptown (by teh train station a strip of stores) and scoring weed regularly.

four finger lids, 20 fat fat joints ment the count was fair, 20 bucks was norm

10$ on fridays would get a bag of mother fucking 8th "feet weed", smelled rank as fuck, made your brain feel like had a band on it

then one day, i remember so distinctly close to 30 years later, I asked dude I was cool for and had not seen in a while for a 10$ bag

he came back with a scrap,said it was really good

it was a gram

that was the start of higher grade for alot more money

it was good but i remember more the loss of those good imports than the weed i got that day

somewhere between the 70's n 80's


A foot without a sock...
Favorite Album cover for cleanin' weed...



This is the money you could be saving if you grow
you had to wait in line at the check out counter because the person ahead of you was paying with a check.

A penny could get you a gumball.

Cracker Jack had cool surprises.

Ticket to the game could be had the day of the game.

Bleacher seats were 5 bucks

Train rides were a quarter

People actually cared.


I'd go to Union Station in Washington DC to meet my grandmother and the train was pulled by a locomotive. Not really weed related but pretty old just the same.


:tiphat: Hello all!
I remember when....
*Pack of smokes was 25 cents.
*Gas was 30 cents a gallon.
*Stamps were a nickel.
*Minimum wage was $1.10 an hour, and that was enough!
*A "lid" of smoke cost $25.00 was full of stems and seeds and when smoked you ended up with a headache.
*They didn't put engines in cars sideways, and you could work on them without a computer diagnostic machine.
*There was no AIDS.
*They had penny candy, 5 cents, and you had candy all day.
*I could ride my bike all over town without fear of getting snatched, raped or murdered.
*I had to go home when the street lights came on.

I suppose I could go on for hours, but that will do for now.
Was it better than........I don't know, but it sure seemed simpler.


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8-track tapes were modern technology
the first TV remotes were clickers
Supertramp was cool

The Soviet Union was evil


ALL weed had seeds
making a pipe from a coke can


K's were $70 and the boot inside was the toy surprise.
Using a Frisbee the roll the seeds out of the weed.



Black n White TVs

No cable or remotes

Cash Machines were as real as money trees and pennies from heaven

ohh by the way

all the cool kids that wore jordache and members only


your mother fucking style ain't never coming back


Yup, I remember the 4 & 5 finger lids for $15-$20. Keys wrapped in butcher paper with seeds & stems. Everyone could role. Joints were always passed around & please don't bogart that joint. Pipes made of plumbing fixtures. The new guy had to drink the bong water as a joke. I still have my 8 track tapes & Mini 8 player! In fact I have a 8 track recorder. Made my own tapes recorded from albums. I have an old Valveline can stash can, one of the 1st ones made I guess. HS dress code was that your hair could not be over your collar or over your ears.


Ah, the memories you're reminding me of...

Yes, the penny candy and 5 cent candy bars. And the scandal when candy bars went up to 10 cents. Same thing with a bottle of pop.

Lowest gas price I remember was 24 cents.

5 cent stamps, yeah. And people upset when they raised it to 6 cents.

I remember riding my bike all over creation. Riding to Dairy Queen for a hot dog and a Mr. Misty and have change back from my dollar.

Pull tabs from beer cans littering the sides of the streets.

Toyotas and Hondas were cheap little tin can cars that no one wanted.

The only computer in High School was twenty feet long and took all semester to program a silly little game. Punched tape and punch cards.

Arcades that had rows of pinball machines - not video games.

Being happy with two TV stations to choose from, even if you had to sit at just the right place in the room to get a decent signal. And the static that you'd start to see on the TV long before you started to hear and see the coming thunderstorm.

Yeah....the days when a dime bag was actually $10. Buy a nice sized joint off someone for a dollar.

Then the 'high priced' Sinse bud appeared. Damn. $20 for a dime bag? It better be good stuff! *chuckles*
... someone pumped your gas and cleaned the windshield
... Mex was 30-40 bux a Quarter pound
... you planted those first seeds just to see what would happen???
... (Darn, I forgot the others)(Wait, I got it) you could remember things, when you were younger
... "Coke" had the little 6 1/2 ounce glass bottles, and they were just enough, and a dime (?) in a machine

B. Friendly

"IBIUBU" Sayeith the Dude
I remember when parents used to be in charge, not lead around by their retarded children

When all candies at the corner store where under 5 cents.

when you could talk to girls not get their email.

every kid under 10 in our neighbourhood(like 30 kids) played in our huge backyard of a forest and we played real games like war with immatation guns. Not like today where high schoold kids bring real guns to school and shoot each other

Remember when we walked to our friends house after school, elementary school. now it's like play dates or nothing, which is really for mothers who both like watching opera together.

I remember when there where not so many trashy gold diggers. lol lol lol

remember when you could drive your 350 engine and it would cost you pennies a week. now we all have honda's which are 1/10 the gas and cost mega dollars per fill up.

remember when you did not flinch at the pice of gas, now it is to difficult to look at what $20 gets today ie a couple of days.

remember when the manager used to fix their employees screw ups now they just back up their employees no matter how retarded the mistake.


when planes had com trails not chem trails, the police tried ta help instead of milk you for money/fines... ta hike the desert with a .44 was the norm not a reason ta call the law.... ice cream was comin when ya heard the music.... roman candles were for tag.... m-80's were REAL...... grama lived at the house...... mom was home.... being late fer supper was my only fear........ HHB

Hank Hemp

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I remember when it was fun. No thieves, NG copters, Some cops were cool, and everybody smoked reefer at a concert(not Show) and stood up to hide gate crashers. I was never a Hippiee cause I was a hard core Nam dude freak. I remember being harassed for being a Nam vet by the pigs. You were considered a WPOD- white punk on dope, and they were right.

Gypsy Nirvana

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when a good quarter ounce of Blond Lebanese Hash was 7 pounds sterling (about $14).....

.....when a loaf of bread was 1 and five-pence halfpenny (about 10 cents)

....when you could have a good weekend and go to 2 good clubs in London (Marquee and the Nashville), see some great bands.... and still have change from a tenner ($15)

.....when I didn't spend half of my life in the virtual world of the internet.....lol


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I remember when polos were a penny, a bag of chips was 5p and in the summer ..dog shit turned white....

you just dont see white dog shit nowadays... lol


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