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nope, still made in USA, thank God. i've never had one any newer than 1968, don't have a clue what the newer bikes are like. expensive as hell, THAT i know.
i almost bought a chinese bike.they arent that bad any more.im not experienced enough to ride a big ole Harley except a Sportster.my uncle just got a 1200cc Buell witch was founded by an ex Harley engineer.just looking at it i can tell i would kill myself.looks a lot like this
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Yeah, not much had changed with them since 1968, engineering definitely improved though. The v-rod was a great bike (they coupled with Porsche to make that engine) and the new revolution engine is great. New Sportster produces 120bhp stock, which is pretty good, not sure I love the hot-wheels like styling though. Their new adventure bike is also getting better reviews than the more expensive BMW's and KTM's. A lot of the old Harley purists hate on the newer breed of bikes and I'd agree with their new 500 and 750cc bikes, they look cheap and Japanese. But nothing wrong with progress and not everyone wants a heavy, slow, potato ass sounding bike. Though in saying that, there truly is nothing like having an older Iron Head you have to kick into life, hoping the starter doesn't snap back and destroy your left leg and hoping like hell you don't have to stop fast on this ride haha.

I had a Buell for about 6 months, cool bike, but was a very committed ride, wasn't for the casual ride to work or town. Sounded incredible though and no one ever knew what they were haha, I think they were way ahead of their time, but I own an Aprilia and ktm now haha.

And now for some weird Japanese flat track...



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what are those suzuki?i got a 1973 or 74 450cb blackbomber Honda.it was the biggest bike they made at the time.my dad and i did a roof for it.it was almost mint.now its a piece of shit sitting in a barn.my brother dropped it and broke the shifter.we had to order one across the country and he said theres only like a few ones that were new in the country or something stupid.paid $100 for it.i got a couple pics but i dont know how to get my old photos from google on my phone.god i feel old.just need some to show me.im 35 but i dont know how to do this shit
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god i feel old.just need some to show me.im 35 but i dont know how to do this shit
You need a unique hammer to do that, @shithawk420 .