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HydroGuard as foliar spray fungicide


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From Botanicare website
"Using Hydroguard as a foliar application early in a plant’s life cycle produces a similar effect on leaf tissue."

Active ingredient seems like a similar word to some other OMRI listed fungicides? I was looking at active ingredient in Defguard from General Hydroponics thought don't I already have this stuff around?

I can't use the entire quart in 6 months, but I would like a foliar fungicide for veg; if I can use the HydroGuard as a real fungicide I could get better use out of the quart every 6 months?


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All below listed as Fungicides for cannabis in CO, except for HydroGuard. I don't think HydroGuard would be allowed because it's not labeled as a fungicide.

HydroGuard = CBacillus amyloliquefaciens
DefGuard = Bacillus amyloliquefaciens strain D747*
Cease = Bacillus subtilis QST713 Strain
Pro Mix (soil) biofungicide = Bacillus pumilus Strain GHA 180


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We use Bacillus amyloliquefaciens strain D747in the UK as a field fungicide. It's a much higher dose than in Hydroguard though. I don't know how much is in defguard but southern AG sell a quite strong product. So much so, that people have often overdosed and needed h2o2 to kill it.


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I can't use the entire quart in 6 months, but I would like a foliar fungicide for veg; if I can use the HydroGuard as a real fungicide I could get better use out of the quart every 6 months?
Here is an alternative to poisons:

1. Sprout a jar of hemp seeds, and pick out the whole, undamaged sprouts, disgarding any loose heads or tails. I believe it pays to use hempseeds instead of sunflower seeds when growing hemp.
2. Fill a bottle or container of choice with 2/5ths of sprouts, and 2/5ths of cane sugar or similar raw sugar (not refined, which has all the micro-nutrients taken out).
3. Top up with water to the neck of the bottle. Alternatively, use a fermenation lock, which is a cork with a glass tube that's filled with water, so oxygen cannot get in but CO2 can escape.
4. Put in a warm place for at least a week, longer is better. Burp the bottle carefully twice a week if you're not using the fermentation lock.
5. Apply at the rate of one cap per gallon.

You can spray this onto your plants from seedling through flowering if necessary. It also makes bottled organic nutrients more effective.

What this does, among many things, is that it feeds the endophytic fungi in the plants with fermented sugars, so they can withstand hostile fungi. Endophytic fungi are fungi that grow throughout the plant. Some grow through the whole plant, some only grow in parts of the plant, like the buds, leaves, tops, etc.

Also, sprouts are like a superfood for people, animals and plants, because they contain all the nutrients the sprout needs to grow, as well as enzymes, sugars, etc.

This also seems to work against softbodies insects like aphids. It works to an extent against leafminers, which seem to die quickly and get absorbed by the fungi.

Most of all, it puts the plant in a growing mood.

Hemp seeds are easy to buy at fishing shops, where they're used as bait. The ones I bought were sold as Kempseeds.

The only thing that can go wrong, is if you use to much. It is acidic like wine or vinegar. The remedy to that is to lightly flush with higher pH water, several times a few days apart.

If you use fresh ingredients, you can even drink it. Which is always comforting to know when spraying it on your plants.
I would like the higher concentration but I can't stand the Smell of Def Guard and Hydroguard has like Zero smell? I'd happily pay more and spray straight Hydroguard if there is not a better option...