Howdy! I'm a noob looking to learn.

Greetings from the Red State of Denial! Just to clarify, I have ZERO faith in the current two party political system. This allows me to equally offend people on both sides of the fictitious aisle. I am an artist and musician. I'm a chronic pain sufferer. I also have a genetic bowel disease, and I'm high functioning on the Autism Spectrum. I am here to learn and laugh with the rest of you. I am trying to do the best I can on a very limited budget. My wife is a teacher and I am on full disability. So yeah, times are tight, so please don't laugh at my wimpy 150 watt HPS! (I'm very sensitive about the size of my bulb) lol!

We have come a long way in the last two decades. We now have cannabis users and aficionados from all walks of life. Some wear suits and ties...while some still wear tie dyes. I really don't identify with "pot culture", or any of the mainstream media stereotypes associated with its use. I'm an introvert by nature and choice. I don't like crowds or parties. I don't drink or use hard drugs. I believe that we should have the right to pursue non-conventional, holistic treatments for whatever ails us.

I may be starting my first grow very soon. The tent is on its way, and I have everything else that I may need. I'm looking to grow 2-3 small plants (scrog) for personal medicinal use.

I'm tired of contributing to the complete and utter catastrophe that is the "War On Drugs". I can't afford the prices, and the quality is hit or miss at best. So, I'm looking to become self sufficient for the reasons that I stated above.



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Dont be discouraged by your 150w we all have to start somewhere. When I first started growing I was on CFL's from home depot. Moved up to a 150w, it was the first HID light I used. May not be a strong light but its better than nothing. If you are able to supplemental that with some CFL's you will be in good shape until your able to upgrade. What genetics are you looking to run, starting seeds or running cuts?

Hope all is good and green for you and yours.:tiphat:

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Welcome aboard GL. I agree that it isn't the size of your bulb, but your skill at wiggling short ones that matters.

I also note that while the strong and the fleet aren't necessarily going to win every race, you make more money gambling if you bet on them, versus the wimps and slow walkers.

Like something to offend everyone here, there is a library of information in the grow forums, ranging from indoor micro grows, to expansive outdoor grows, so as the urge to scale up becomes overpowering and the resources avail themselves, you can move up in an orderly organized fashion.

Bon appetite!


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yup.. bulb size dont mean shit.. i have a friend who has been using 4 150s in his attic for flower. and a bunch of floros for cloning and the week of veggin he does..

. hes got like 3 feet of headspace all together.. he does sog.. or scrogs.. and has been hitting a gram per watt..

just turned 2 of his lights vertical.. and doing a vert donut around them.. to see if he can hit more.. but in reality.. he does very well for himself.. 150grams every 30 days.. each light is in its own lil homemade tent/room..

and it works out to him being able to smoke 3 ozs per month.. and sell 1 to make his cash back on electric and enough for the soil and shit .

works out nicely for personal grows..

u dont need 1000w bulbs .. we just like them for producing thats all.. lol.

a gram per watt is achievable.. just gotta dial it in.


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this is the place....there is a plethora of great information to guide you.

welcome and good growing.


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Welcome, arm yourself with Jorge Cervantes' Growers' Bible, read it whenever you have a minute. Learn it. And go from there. And you will be impervious to 75% of all scourges that aim to wreck One's Grow.

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Welcome to the show. Know most of us are also learning and rarely will you find anybody who's word is the end all be all on the subject of cannabis gardening. Good to have ya aboard. Peace, pot and karma.1:ying:

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Good luck to ya GreenLiberty, hope your find what you're looking for in here. Check out the Grower's Forums sections and once you pick out a grow medium there is a ton of good information to use as a beginning reference. Then a lot of trial and error from there.

Folks may laugh me outta here but for the record, I got a lot of relief from 20 years of chronic pain and the bowel symptoms you describe by eliminating gluten from my diet. You likely won't find a single doctor who'll tell you that and if money is tight you won't really be inclined to pay for celiac tests. Nothing to lose by giving it a try.


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light wise...go big or go home...LOL...naaa just kidding,like one mentioned...microGrows,and just GETTING DIALED would be surprised what some do...good day mate

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