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Hombre del mont

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Tom Hill Haze x Zamal
(and "The Germ", He's a happy cat this morning!)

I'm thinking that She's a little hungry. I'll brew up some guano tea and give her a weak feed in a couple of days.
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Hombre del mont

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A bit of both tbh. The chap who owns the terrace above me can see them and he's ex Guadia but we're cool and this year I saved his life when he set fire to his land and had no water to extinguish it. Had I not acted fast with a big hose, lots of trees would have gone and he'd have been locked up for having a fire with no water to hand. He owes me big time, so he's pretty cool.
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Original Haze (Icmag Haze).

I pinched the top out and was intending to root it, but Maggot (another cat!), sneaked into the room and knocked it off the window sill. No worries. View attachment 18726287 View attachment 18726288 View attachment 18726289 View attachment 18726290 View attachment 18726291

And here's some of the male in a pot that all being well will be used to make some crosses with.
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Hombre del mont

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Thats pretty smart Hombre.

Last year i did it like you but in a big Pot and directly put a grid on it.

Maybe i should give it a try with your method. Need to find some space in the garden.

Hi Calle, I remember your grow. In a little while I'll let them grow straight up, once the bush is wide enough. I'll then put a net or screen over them, to stabilise the tops as they fill out.