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Yo beanzn do males always show their preflowers before the females of that particular strain? I'm not pulling anything till I'm sure. Just wondering now the seedlings are getting bigger.


mostly yes mate on all strains , 90% time ....careful any really late ones it can happen . you have a pretty big window of 5 days normally before any males flowers will open on first sign , so best not to rush anyway and be sure .

sometimes bigger females may show really late also ....thats why i don,t rush . sometimes you might sit on one plant thats not showing and decide to pull it as everything else is sexed , just so theres no hassles .....but its worth waiting could be a big girl .
Top dressed the hoop and the beds last week. I get this from a local joint. Its a mix of their potting mix and compost mulch. I get them to add aeration too. $60 a sqm and they're only 5 km down the road. The mix is inoculated with brown kelp hydrolysate which is washes up on our beaches. These guys wash the kelp dry it and brew it onsite. The compost is chicken manure, mushroom compost and peat.

Don't forget the gypsum

Malawi x devils tit

Pink lotus x aog
I haven't been posting cause we had a security scare round xmas. Turns out it was a false alarm thank fuck. All cameras are rolling now anyhoo. We also missed a few waterings in the midst too they should bounce back alright. Even today they looking abit happier.

I planted the hoopie way too early. I'm bending tops over and tying down all over the place. A little stalling in the more indica strains. Ah... Still learning the tricks of the trade.

Standouts are the Malawi x devils tit and the lemon destroyer so far and if course the Headbanger x ancient. Thai oil spill is pumping too.
Crazy vigour from the lemon destroyer. Here's a pic 19th December.


The same one taken 28th Jan


Mate you weren't joking about these ones beanzn.

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