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Hieronimus Bosch figures

Hello Teddy, more a Kind of plastic, but harder.

Hello Brother Nature, thank you.

As i wrote the thread is 5 years old. Yesterday evening i was watching a Bosch documentary in TV. (the 2nd time) They explained a lot of interesting Things.

It was funny, i posted the woodman with the "waterpipe" for 944s2 and right in the beginning of the documentary, i saw the same "Waterpipe" as a Detail on another Picture from Bosch.

Once i bought the figuers in a musem-shop. If you give in Bosch figures at google you can see them all. But they are expansive today.


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Hieronymus Bosch Art Documentary with Brian Sewell

i've admired his work for years. poor bastard must have been tormented or into rye ergot. imagination unhinged imo.
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