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So I’ve had this inguinal/incisional hernia going on 2 years now. It was the size of a grape now it’s the size of a baseball and somewhat uncomfortable.
It’s the second one in the same area. First one was fixed a few years ago but now because of the constant cutting in the same area from the vascular surgeon a second one sorta happened.
Had pre op on Thursday and surgery is this coming Thursday the 22nd at a hospital that I really, really don’t like and definitely do not want to have surgery at. Unfortunately I have no say in the matter at all.
The surgeon is all freaked out about my heart issues and had me do numerous tests that I just had done for a different dr which kinda just pissed me off.
So the surgeon and I are already butting heads.
I can’t shake this bad feeling I have about this week and as it gets closer my anxiety gets worse.
And yes I know hernia surgery is fuck all, but that doesn’t help the anxiety. Even the anaesthesia dr gave me some weird vibes the other day.


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I had to get a Hernia repair surgery 3 years ago. It sucked but it had to get done.
Guess, this is what happens when you haul about 50 bags of soil, manure, etc to
a guerilla patch about 1/2 km away from the main road at night using a wagon
and back power.

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