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lucky 13 pb herijuana

lucky 13 pb herijuana

Lucky 13 peanut butter herijuana anyone tried it?

i have ran Lucky 13 Pb herijuana 2 times, my pheno i keep around is a true natural peanut butter smell, with rock hard golf ball nug. other phenos i have pulled which seem to be the more dominate pheno is the more spear shaped pheno which smelt a lot like sandle wood, spear shaped pheno is way more potent but the gold ball/ pb pheno is a uber relaxing high that puts u to sleep. i have never grown a different breeders version I hope this helps guys.. i have pics of both phenos if anybody is interested in them

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The IBL and the supposed IBL f4 whatever da fuck that is are shitty, but not the real deal old shit. I've worked heri since spring 2007, there's major fuckery out there.

I would believe Indican regarding Herijuana info... I have seen his posts on other forums going back a decade! $annie‘$ IBL stock supposedly went downhill over the generations.

I got mine pre-2010 and still saw several phenos, including the small peanut buttery ones which I thought were trash. The ones presenting with OG like structure were best!

Here is a link to a better Herijuana thread on icmag:


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I ran $anie$ Herijuana 13-14 years a ago... yes, not great yield, yes, golfball hard nugs, yes not much taste but put your dick in the dirt power.. dont know why I' mi not sitil running it..


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We have maintained the Patrollia head stash line but not the herijuana it was actually Steven Tucks work many assume it was mine as he shared the P head stash with us which is a really good Afghani .


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I recently popped a pack of Petrolia Headstash I bought from RMS back in 05 or 06. Probably should've waited till it was a little warmer as they're growing slow. 11 popped but only 9 emerged from the soil after 15+ years? That's not too shabby. Just doing a reproduction run to preserve them for the heck of it, obviously I lack the #s to do it right (TBF I have another more recent pack and a hybrid pack from someone else).


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From Motarebel:

Steve Tuck from HillBillyDreams made the herijuana,it's killer new haven x petrolia headstash. The F1's were quite variable so you had a range of sativa to indica and everything in between. Woodhorse Seeds obtained F1's from Tuck and proceeded to inbreed while selecting for the indica traits. I then obtained seeds from Woodhorse,after selecting and inbreeding 3 more generations i released my first batch of Motarebel Herijuana. While i was have legal troubles i sent some stock to sannie and he started his own line.

*****= Rhymes on Hannie's Seeds

I grown Woodhorse and Motarebels versions of Herijuana and must say they were pretty close to each other. Woodhorse Heri tasted better, Motas was a slightly higher yield. Then 6-7 years ago I was presented to Sannie's Heri and was surprised by the lack of smell, taste and potency. I dont know if it's the strain that finally has degraded or they've outcrossed it to something inferior, but it definately wasn't like the Heri back in the days. Well just to name one that was a surprise to me. When RCMC - Royal Canadian Marijuana Collective, I think, were operational they had some great breeders in their stable, and one of them was Da Bean Co. and he made a strain called Red Heri Fruit Bud and it comprised of a red phenotype of Herijuana and Herijuana IBL F19. It was the best tasting bud I've had in a long time then and still with the almost numbing stone Herijuana was known for, but this one was a real creeper, after 10-15 minutes, when you thought; Okay nice stone, then it began to build to the point where only a couch would save you lol. They just dont make 'em like they used to anymore!!
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Well Mota got his Herijuana from Wood Horse so it would make sense that they were the same...xxxxxxxxxxx
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Herijuana, often known as "Herojuana," is a marijuana strain that is indica. Herijuana is a cross between the highly rated Humboldt County Afghan indica Petrolia Headstash and an outdoor hybrid from Kentucky known only as the "Killer New Haven" strain, which was created by Woodhorse Seeds xxxxxxxxx/.
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So I just finished a run of herinuana from sa****s and I found 2 phenos so far.
one is small,not much stretch, average yield and is done in 7-8 weeks.
The other one is bigger, more stretch, a bit better yield and is done in about 8 weeks.
Not much smell or taste on any of them, mostly earthy smell with some faint sweetness in the background at best.
The smaller one was the best in my opinion when it comes to potency.
I gave it to some friends and everyone said it was strong (the small pheno).
Sadly I lost the small one,but I got 3 seeds left and if I get a male I will make more seeds :)



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Good thread if you can get through all the arguments omg. My understanding was Steve got Covid and recovered, great to hear for him and his family, but I havent heard anything about him re-releasing any seeds?


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(y) Nice strains !