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Help with 240 volt lighting

So this may sound crazy but here goes. I’m building out a conventional non conventional hoop house. We just passed medicinal here and we are only allowed to grow indoors. I have taken a greenhouse (which they aren’t considering indoor) and retrofit it with 7 foot high steel walls and insulated them. I have left the roof covered in reinforced poly and should be able to pass spec to get license. I am wanting to add 72 Gavita 1000w hps lights to help on cloudy and overcast days. How many can I put on one run and what size wire would be used. Structure is 20 feet wide 100 feet long with 6 beds that are 4 foot wide by 45 feet long. I’m thinking like an Indoor grow wanting to cover a 4x4 area so I figured 12 lights above each bed. I have a 400 amp single phase service. I am also running ac and fans etc


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A 400 amp intake, if not relying on diversity, will power the lights. However there is little left for other equipment. Talk of aircon is mute.

With LED it will work. Many bigger opps are driven to use LED buy the lack of power available. It's better that is costs a lot to light an area, than not lighting it at all.

You may end up with lots of 32a radials, wired in 6mm.


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Power = Voltage X Current
so 72000 = 240 x 300
You will need 300 amps for lighting alone.

Check with a local electrician or your utility about their expectations. And like f-e said, there is little left for other equipment.

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