Hello everyone!


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Hi guys!

I am Discorilla! I've been around for a while, but I am getting active online again after a break from the industry. I don't love what it's becoming, but my love for growing will never die. Coming back to forums, my intent is to learn more about landrace genetics and ways to enhance the strains that have been on the market recently. Genetic diversity has been lost, and it seems like most of the growers are stuck growing the same assortments of crosses as we continue to pollen chuck with these lines. Cookies, Glue, OGs, etc. These strains are dank, but there are too many crosses flooding the market with both seeds and recreational flower. My goal is to bring landraces and landrace hybrids back into the mix to create something new. African genetics have always been my favorite, and I will be working with Malawai, Durban, Mozambique, and Golden Tiger to select the trippiest mothers that I can find. My goals will be to stabilize these traits and also work them into haze hybrids. I will also be working with Sinai for hybrid creation. Thai strains will be worked similarly, but I will be going for different effects from these lines. My ultimate goal is to break away from what everyone else is growing and to grow strains that are truly unique in both genetic expression and experience.

With that being said, it's good to be back! Are there any landraces/hybrids that you guys would recommend for those diehard sativa fans? Here's what I've got so far:
-Mozambique Poison
-Golden Tiger Thai Dominant 3rd Version
-Durban Poison
-New Caledonia
-Purple Haze x Malwai

-Punto Rojo
-Honduras X Panama