Headband x Skunk #1 - Sophisticated Bliss


Greetings all. Continuing some smoke reports from the end of year haul.

Today's topic is Headband x Skunk #1 from Bros. Grimm.

Soul gifted me these limited edition beans last summer and I really enjoyed running them.

She was really pretty during flower. Foxtails and all.

She's looking uber sexy after 45 days in the jar

How's she smell?
I find the smell to be somewhat similar to a great sour D. However it's more sophisticated, there's true Skunk1 notes and the headband is in there. I find a sugary note to the skunky sour that brings a unique maturity to the teste.

How's the taste?
I vape with a Pax 3. The flavor is stunning. Very much like a sweet sour d, but with this extra sugary layer carrying notes from both parents. Almost like a "candied" sour skunk.

How's the high?
The high is also very sophisticated. It comes on pretty quickly but not soaring. You get out of the gate and then it slowly makes its rise. Almost seemed creeper to me at first, but it's not, it's just slow and steady. The high is super relaxing and very much in the head. Not couch lock, just really, really chill. Very sociable and I did some chores while using it. While it didn't motivate me to do chores, it did seem to make me not care I was doing them in the first place.

My thanks again to Mr. Soul for the kind gift. She's a keeper.

Safe and Smart.


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