hasi goes OZ..MBS & Z99 testers


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Yeah finally it's time to get this party started :)
Firstly, I'd like to thank Donald and moonunit for giving me the opportunity to try these awesome Hybrids :thank you:
Furthermore I'd like to apologize about the delay in starting this thread.

On 02.22.2012 it was time to place them seeds (6 of each) to stretch their feet..


In order to save some of Wally's seeds for the future and simultaneously be able to fill the room,
I thought to start along side MBS and Z99 some Pakistani seeds that I was gifted a while back..I named
them Pakabi and the only information that I have about them is that it is a cross between a 100% Sativa and a 100% indica..

The germination rate was really awesome, 6 MBS and 5 Z99 so far :jump:




for now they join the light of a 18W fluoro.

Here some details regarding the Equipment, Substrate etc.. that I'm going to use for the ride

  • 1 x 600w Phillips SON T PIA PLUS
  • Intake LTI 360 on dimmer
  • 1 x BLT Circulation Fan
Substrate, Pots and Nutrients
  • Stone wool cubes 2x2cm
  • Ugro Cocos bricks, pre washed in freshwater, buffered and enriched with trichoderma
  • Perlite
  • 0,5 / 1,5 / 6,5 L pots
  • Atami B'Cuzz Root Stimulant, A+B, Flower Stimulant, PK13/14
pH regulation
  • Citric Acid
Feeding method-system
  • Drain to waste with drippers

:ying: :joint:

Donald Mallard

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Hi ganja_hasi ,
no need to apologise at all my friend ,,
we are ready when you are ready ...

a bit of paki in there will be nice for some comparisons ,
looks like we are off to a good start ,
thanks man , and good luck ...


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Hi ganja hasi, think you'll be impressed at how well these grow, they do have a tendency to stand out in a crowd,, so I've noticed.
It will be interesting to see how they fare for you.
Best of luck mate
hey mate,
everything looks very clean. I do like your set up.
How was the germ rate on the Pakabi ?

I catch a seat and have a look.



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cheers Donald, thanks a ton my friend..yeah, I thought the same too, some paki would be
great to grow and have some comparison but I wasn't lucky enough..i ended with one seedling
out of the 6 pakabi...as they say, You take the good, you take the bad, you take
them both and there you go ;)

smurf, it's my great pleasure to welcome you here mate :).. I'm expecting big things out of Wally's
awesome hybrids..Hopefully I will be lucky enough to hit upon some outstanding specimens

DD, I'm honoured my friend, sit comfortable and enjoy the show..

Shizzle, great to see you tagging along digga, make yourself comfortable and enjoy the ride..
I wasn't lucky enough with the pakabi, only one has been able to spout thus far..I'll let them soak a few
days more and see if they'll change their mind :D I really doubt it tho..

the babes joined their first potting in 0,2l pots today..here they are,
6 MBS , 5 Z99 and one 1 Pakabi

:ying: :joint:


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hi bro

nice to see you new selcetion :dance013:

i have you thread in my Subscribed list :watchplant:

green vibes & stay stable


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Hey Hasi:)

Just great a new rep. And then also a selection:) hmmm

But cant see my crosses;) I think you've forgot sth:D

Anyway keep it green and grow on:)


Great to have you onboard Hasi m8, cant wait to see how they do in your more than capable hands
much respect


life gardener
hola bro and good luck:comfort:

..i know him for years..
a movie is beginning and i know it has a happy ending.
ganja hasi is great grower forsho.. :)


Geia sou 'Hasi m8!
No doubt this is going to be a fascinating grow to follow!
Those Aussies down under do come out with wonderful stuff.
I will be peeping to the end...:tiphat:


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hey ganja hasi,
taking a front row seat before it is getting to crowded in here. :lurk:

grow dem beans mate, i will be watching :wave:


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wow, dimodz, jonny, El, moonunit, tjo, orfea, Phillie, Easy, Eugen, ariston, Aerohead
I consider my humble self fortunate to have you here, a big thanks to each and everyone of
you for the very kind words and support :thank you:

Everything goes as expected, the MBS and Z99 babes are getting stronger day by day :canabis:
nothing really special to show for now, therefore I will save some space for future and more interesting pictures..
About the Pakabi's, the rest 5 didn't germinated.. grrrr...I couldn't help myself and placed the rest 4 to soak..
36 hours later all of them sprouted :jump:

to be continued..

love n light :joint:
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is all mine hasi! hey, be forewarned, those ladies will stretch well in flower. i have one z99 at 6 feet and one mbs close behind! all started at around 28"

what is the pakabi? think ive got to talk to donald, i seem to be missing those!:bump:

Donald Mallard

el duck
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hey mr hasi ,
im glad to hear you had success with getting some of the Pakabi's, going ...

jonny ,, those are mr hasi s seed that he has included in the grow , some friends for the other varieties , hehe

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