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Hashboss's 1.7g hit?


personally... I can't do more than a gram.. but I've seen someone do a gram.. hold the hit.. and take another full pack on top... the dude was the man! We would take him to people's houses .. like he was a hired gun.

anyways.. a gram hit can easily be taken out of even a small bong.. It's a lll in technique. First long slow yoga breaths help open the back muscles, allowing for a full and complete breath
second,, and this is a secret secret technique try and force a fake yawn.. a yawn will really open you up giving you plenty of O2 for the long slow firing procedure.
third,, you blow all your air out and take the hit as slowly as you possibly can.. barely pulling the lighter down.. as the weed will dry and start tofire.. you press it down put the lighter to it.. on a gram your barely getting it going.. you'll start to get a little light headed from no not taking a breath in 30 secs.. but you go a slow as possible.. one more push down and you'll be wanting air so bad you'll scream.
fourth,, this is the most important part.. and theres several key points to massive bong hits. one the harder you suck(pressure on the lungs when it enters) the less it hurts. two the smoke should be yellow.. if it touches your lungs you'll die.. what you do is side carb your mouth letting just a little bit of fresh air in as you .. 3 pull as hard as you can. I promise if done right you can hold the hit till you blow nothing out.. and sometimes not even cough. If done wrong... well you'll be lucky if you don't puke on somebody's couch and spill the bong water.. then die. good luck

You'll be surprised but anyone can kick a huge tube its just technique


I have gotten 1.5 gram hits out of my bongs + toppings such as hash or keif in one hit, with cured bud it very smooth.

3 foot 3 bubble bong named riptor alive after 20k hits

KIA at 5,000 hits pictured with the first buds i grew :O


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i think about a gram is all I can smoke in one hit and it kills me I had an eigth probably more ground up into my roor party bowl and I finished that in about 5 hits maybe but that kinda smoking gets me to high.

funny story about this bowl is this dumb bitch through it on my couch and it bounced off and broke on my roor did nothing to the roor thank god.

Thats my party bowl
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