Hash Oil Cures Cancer!

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Yeah, I do. Fuck people who have cancer. They fucking suck. You suck. I'd kill every person on this planet who has cancer if I could just to laugh at the dumb fucks in this thread. Then I'd fuck Rick Simpson's ass shut.


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Yeah, I do. Fuck people who have cancer. They fucking suck. You suck. I'd kill every person on this planet who has cancer if I could just to laugh at the dumb fucks in this thread. Then I'd fuck Rick Simpson's ass shut.

See ya later dickhead. If I were you I'd keep an eye out for Karma......

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Now on to more urgent matters, our fellow loved ones are dying out there, and they shouldn't have to in my personal opinion.

Taking into consideration Rick Simpson doesn't have an "FDA Approved" extraction technique, is the fact that Cannabinoids slow if not stop the spread of Cancerous cells also concentrated within the extract?
Where the hell are the scientists on this one? This is the one thing I wouldn't mind giving to lab rats. I understand that its "illegal" to study it and whatnot....
That has never stopped the curiosity of man, has it (Galileo, Leonardo DaVinci)???

Where are all my organic chem and bio majors at?!?!?!


I mean, he really has no reason to lie. They raided his dad's house like 3 times, prly seized all his shit, and he's in "Political Exile" in the EU. Why would he go through ALL THIS SHIT....just to lie to the world?
I out.
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Wow- that was even quicker than I thought!

Maybe when his next sock puppet shows up we could start a pool to see how long he lasts...

I'm surprised that ding-dong hasn't given up on us by now. At least he's committed.

What I don't get, and will never understand, is how so many patients with nasty diseases can stand up and say that cannabis makes their lives better in so many ways--but yet it is still generally frowned upon by the mainstream. Most of the medical states, CA and CO in particular, are at least willing to let these people make up their own mind about how cannabis improves their lives. It is sad that so many people can benefit from it, but so many more would prevent them from having it. I'm sure terminal patients with nothing to lose would gladly put themselves out there to be "lab rats" for extensive testing. Even if they aren't saved, at least we would have better information either way.

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Which explains Iran Contra, introducing Crack, Heroin, now probably Oxycontin and Roxys....etc.

In China they call it...

Population Control.





wow what an acrimonious thread! Firstly i'd like to say kudos for the few bans tossed out, those folks definitely deserved it.

So much in fighting, but guess what? We should redirect ALL of our anger at govt/big business who have disallowed honest research into cannabinoids for nearly 100 years.

Rick Simpson is at least trying to help folks, so i won't judge his methods. I have personally extracted via naptha and had great results, esp. pain relief.

If we had established research and long term trials, just maybe we would really find out about the efficacy of cannabis and the differing methods of extraction & imbibing.

Don't fight each other, FIGHT for more research and development and against phrma and big business(alcohol, tobacco, wood products, etc) trying to control it. Who knows, maybe in time techniques might be proven to cure some types of cancer.


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Well, Sam knew what he was talking about when it came to hash, esp. his chemistry was...dead on....to say the least. This is true.

But NONE of us know whether or not physically consuming concentrated amounts of cannabinoids en masse can cure cancer...

That's why the thread is here!

Im just waiting for someone out there who has tried Simpson's method to speak out here.
Obviously the extraction method was not desirable....however much positive feedback we have about ppl's success with his extraction technique...we must still consider that this medicine is for extremely sick and weak individuals. Whose bodies might be verrrrry touchy when it comes to anything inorganic.

But that doesn't mean its the only method widely available to the public.

Anyone have oil recipe's they would wish to share?? Possibly a non-invasive somewhat organic method?



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I make hash but want to try making oil, (remembering the good ol honey oil days),
but all I can get here is 91% iso alcohol, (though the other 9% is water).
Every article i've read calls for 96-99% alcohol. I have a book (cannabis cultivation c2002) that says acetone is cleaner & better than iso alcohol, & that's easy as we have that everywhere here. But then I find an article in (weed world issue #84 that says methyl alcohol is poisonous & can cause blindness & does irreversible damage to vital organs). Crap!
My question, has anyone tried the 91% iso alcohol when making hemp oil? & was it successful as the water has to boil at a lot higher temp.
Any input? Mahalo, IF


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Hi islandfever!
To make anhydrous ethanol (or anhydrous anything just about)

1. Bake or microwave MgSO4 (epsom salts) until all the moisture is gone
2. Grind up into a fine powder
3. Add to solvent, shake around (cant add too much)
4. pour ethanol through filter to yield 98%+ pure ethanol
University data Madrid back up 1974 findings

University data Madrid back up 1974 findings

Have you read this and the follow by Madrid:- http://www.alternet.org/story/9257/pot_shrinks_tumors;_government_knew_in_'74/

More reasearch is urgently needed to see if cannabis chemicals do somehow cure cancer directly

There is no doubt that the secondary effects of cannabis help cancer patients (nausia, appatite, etc)

Write to your congressman/woman and demand more research