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has anyone got thier mmj card


My friend has Tourette's syndrome and is an Illinois med card holder. He said the process was fairly simple. He's getting grams go top shelf for 20-30$, ounces are 400$-500... Fucking Illinois. I have severe ptsd, properly annotated with the VA and I'm going to try to get a card. I'll write a follow up after everything is said and done.



Looks like a ton of hoops to jump thru, but I'm gonna go for it.


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fuck that.my aunt has a card.went to a dispencery in joliet and said for 400$ it wasnt worth it.terrible med state we live in


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Whats up Shithawk ! Yeah those prices in joliet are like WTF , great burgers at Hamburgerseria tho .


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but you can just like have your own weed doe rite? like is there some way of them knowing you didn't get the weed you smoking from a dispensary?


These cards identify you with an activity

These cards identify you with an activity

Anyone know how applying for a Card may affect Conceal and carry Cards ?

At a traffic stop, if you have a concealed carry card in Illinois, you will be asked to produce it, as well as your firearm and ammo, before getting on with the reason they pulled you over. Likewise, with a MMJ card, they will likely ask to see your supply and verify if it is in the proper container, has proper labeling, etc. All scrutiny you may not have had had you not identified yourself as someone special. You can turn a verbal warning for speeding into a full on search if you do this.


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I have an Illinois medical card. I’m on my third year and it’s about to expire. I don’t plan to renew it because I’m just going to buy from the rec side and see how it goes. Gotta say that there is some bunk weed in this program, but there’s also some real deal fire.

The Ataraxia/Verano brand is by far the best. They have a very good Iranian indica landrace. Their DoSiDos and Wedding Cake were both the best shit I’ve ever had. They also put out Forbidden Fruit, Motorbreath, Gelato, Grand Doggy Purps, Corleone Kush, Larry OG, Gerbert, Sundae Driver, and, well, there’s some good shit to be had here. The concentrates are also pretty rad.

Anyway, if you get the card here you can grow five plants. Been there done that. If I was to grow again, I’ll just do it, fuck the card. I doubt that I would grow in Illinois again even with the card. Anyway, I’m fairly happy with the program. It’s hella expensive, but I can deal with that.


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Yes, I have my card but I had an awful childhood that was pretty abusive so I've long had a PTSD diagnosis. It didn't help that after I went through all of this I went and worked as a therapist. I took on everyone else's pain and ignored mine. So my general doctor signed mine no problems. Didn't cost me a thing beside registration fees.

Anyways, as long as you know how to shop then you should be okay. Concentrates tend to be where you find the best deals. Like right now Bedford Grow is doing killer rosin that is cheaper then most other concentrates on the market and the terps/genetics are better.

If you are an educated consumer in Illinois you can do pretty well.


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Oh yes learn the producers but even among them they have good and bad. Like I tend to find the cure of many "Grassroots" products to be too dry but there Granola Funk is the best cured flower on the market.


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Oklahoma's program didn't limit the diseases that qualify. We can grow 6 seedlings and six flowered at a time. The state legislature passed a law stating they would not comply with Federal gun bans on mmj holders. There has been no limits in the number of dispensaries either. They are on every corner of every major city. Now we are seeing billboards advertising mmj prescription online!
Also seeing robberies of dispensaries, and grow operations. At least one arsin\murder of a dispensary owner occurred. It was hushed up and may have deeper implications such as Cartel money etc?