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Has Anyone Bought Legal Weed Yet?


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Kinda..... Long ago I determined any law related to weed while the government was supporting an opioid epidemic was a typo.

So all weed I have sold or purchased is 100% legal.

Also. I did shop at a farmers market type club a few times a few years ago.


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I saw a picture of someone’s receipt on Instagram showing they purchased some Starkiller OG by Rare Dankness. I did not see a picture of the actual cannabis.


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OMGoodness! Look at the Taxes! Not to mention the prices!! :moon:



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Taxing thc % this is fucking ridiculous anything above 35 % gets a heavy tax like all concentrates as if the weed was very affordable 75 an eighth lol ounces are 150 200 in illegal states these taxes are keeping the black market strong and the rec market ridiculous


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... Or a store that raises their prices on CBD rich strains seeds. I told them that it was BS. I went to another store, bought my seeds, saved my receipt and returned to the gougers and showed them. For an extra $10, you lost a sale! How does that work for you?


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a friend went to BERKSHIRE ROOTS in MASS, and paid 400.00 and change for 6 1/8s wayyyyyyyyyy over priced but the OGKB was killer


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Whatever the market will bear..and the underground will remain healthy and happy.
Good 2020, everyone!

Many can't grow or cannot do it well, hence convenience of paying a price for that convenience of instant herb.


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Curious what folks think of the quality, I have found that to be interestingly subjective. I am originally from the middle part of the state and found there were vastly different views. I would pick up stuff bound for chicago from a buddy and it was great quality, but...all the other weed that was "flame" was not great yet those folks were used to it. My bff loved the dispensary weed here in CO when he visited but most heads would turn their noses up at it.

Good for you guys all around though.

Edit: taxes are a mofo, I think they might even be higher here. It is greatly stress reducing when you dont have to worry about driving around with a few grams on you. Going to see if I can get any reports back on how it's going, my bro doesnt smoke but said they were lined up at 6am.


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How can they justify taxes that high... I kind of get it with tobacco and alcohol, dangerous substances / deterrent and all that, but weed is kind


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How can they justify taxes that high... I kind of get it with tobacco and alcohol, dangerous substances / deterrent and all that, but weed is kind
What I can't fathom is that it's the year 2020 (that's crazy in itself!) and there are people that will go to prison for a weed related offense today. Meanwhile right beside that there is a state taxing someone to hell and back on an 8th that'll lock you up in a neighboring state. Still feel like learning to grow my own was one of those valuable life skills I learned that'll serve me well into the future. Grow on.

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Retail cannabis.

Hmmm, really don't think my lungs or purse can take that hit.

Grow your own I say.

Done and done.


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Did I read that receipt right? $300 for 5.10 grams? LMAO!
I have a hard time selling a quarter for $60 and there's no dispensary less than an hour away.no that I look at it I think a few of them were concentrates but thats no excuse


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Was it last year around December that they caught a guy with 1500 packs in his truck, going from cali to ch*tcago?

I bet the cops are still enjoying and selling that stuff. :biggrin:

IMO those prices and taxes are ridiculous.