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growing with halogens,piss as nutes,help fix the burn hole in mommys car,shoebox grow



LOL!!!!! J/K

if i see one more thread like this, i think i'm gone.
said it the other day, and stuck around,
but i can't bring myself to call this 'home' anymore.

my newpost button is out of order:confused:everytime i click it i have to sift through hundreds of posts with OG in the title:badday:

3/4 Posts in the "New Posts" search, are all about OG, at any given time..

If the content therin or at least the majority of the OG'ers were more mature, i'd not really have a problem with it.

if i do stay, i won't be posting much.
Staying means changing my surfing style.
Forums i will be posting in if i do stay will be, breeders forum, flower pix, & Smoke reports forum ONLY.
a few vendor forums too.. HTC AnnaC H3aD Reservoir Swan Song Kryptonite etc...

the growers forums are fucked.
the tokers den is FUCKED.

seems most CW people are fine, i wish it was just a CW/IC merge, the OG crowd (not all of them, seems to be cut 50/50 but with so many of them, its still a LOT of bad apples) is really the problem as far as i can tell.


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I echo those sentiments. I am finding it difficult to adjust. I may just hang back. Best wishes to all.


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Why not let it ride out till all of us displaced OGers get settled in...

Had the script been reversed and y'all came to OG it woulda been akward as well...

We're all here for Cannabis... don't leave just cuz of a few badapples!!



i totally agree with you guys, it's not my style to act this way i just don't know where to turn, i feel displaced myself.

there needs to be another new forum created for people asking elementary questions, one for micro grows (like in computer cases,rubbermaids etc, ..LOL), in fact, they should consider redesigning the entire site... now i understand why OG had so many forum topics.

sorry guys, but i couldnt hold it any any longer and i hope some of the punks i am referring to take heed to my post here and keep their mouths shut.

IC, by later this week, will have become a (greener) version of overgrow....

be well...or try


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I'm sorry for what you're going thru, but then, how long has this been going on, 2 days? 2 days of an emergency situation and you're already cracking up.

I'm genuinely sorry for all this that ICMagers have to put up with, but this is not just an ordinary situation. This may be a major crack down on the Marijuana growing community as a whole. Do you want to hide your head in sand?

Once again I don't mean to upset you in any way, I hope OG people (with your help)will realise that they been offered a gift of stay, and should act accordingly.

rgds, kov


Well many of the users on this board came from OG when it started to go completely out of hand.

Everobody's welcome by me, just remember the good manners. Don't flood, fuck around or attack people etc. This was not addressed to a specific person, just a reminder to all of you young guns from OG. And yes, not all of you are young many are twice maybe three times my age. But as people know age don't guarantee that you have or lack the needed intelligence to interact with people.

The bad thing happened to Finnish cannabis site hamppu.net. In two yrs. it was flooded with shit from a semi good forum in my home language. Just like the thread started said. "I have cactus, can I glue some leaves in to it to get killaaarghh budding?" Lots of posts like that, type two words to the search and you find all the info you have. Then someone tells them to "use the search Luke" and they get pissed that you could've written the whole thing here not just use the search. Now there's a bunch of teens ranting everything they don't even have a clue. I'm glad I propably have wider vocabulary (stock of words?) in english than finnish in some specific areas so I'm comfortable here.
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Man now ya got me looking for the "new post " button ???
Things will settle down and be fine before ya know it ...just one big happy family.... prolly a dysufunctional family yes .... but a family just the same .
nam myoho renge kyo


Hey CaptainJack,
I'm with ya about all these stupid threads popping up.
I noticed one dude had like 5 threads just to show off his glassware!
Hopefully like Babba says things will settle down and all the displaced OG'ers and CW'ers will see how we do things here.

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.....Bear with us guys.......I am trying to organize things here to make the site better for all of us.......It has been a bit of a shock to many of you to see the forums suddenly jumping with a torrent of new posts from many new members.....

...There are lots of ideas for improovement.....one I am toying with is a subscribed 'Secret Garden' forum for the more serious/mature growers to congregate within.....possibly with its own chat, e-mail and various other privaledges around the site.......Kinda like an elite growers club..........could fashion it around the old gentlemans clubs we have in London.........(open for ladies too....of-course)......Lots of comfy furniture, interesting things to read and a tiki bar e.t.c.....lol

...*well it's just a thought....


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i dont think I am going to hold my breath on that one timtim...I miss the good ole days *a week ago* It's all good I suppose. If I could wish one thing into existance it would have to be...that rule 6 be more strictly enforced...

6. Off Topic Postings: Often people post remarks that have nothing to do with the subject of the forum. These will be moved or deleted at the discretion of the moderator.

or maybe we could even ammend it and add...a post wich does not add anything of value or substance is also subject to removal. Just an idea to keep things tidy. Its a big job, and it could be considered a matter of opinion whether or not something is relavent or not...
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Yeah Sunny, I ain't holding my breath.
I think a few more mods would go a long way to fixing the probs.
Any volunteers?

hey i got two extra shoeboxes i aint using...
you gonna get around to sharing that grow set up???
Not sure who you are refering to, Benttech, or what you mean??
Hey, I used to work for a company called BenTTech!! hehehe


Shoeboxes, you say?

Shoeboxes, you say?

Hey, I hate to tell you how many of my plants live in plastic shoebox containers! :yoinks: I use 'em as cloner bubblers & as early veg containers. I even have some of them hooked up to a reservoir for a recirculating DWC system. :joint:

ben ttech

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hi timtim!

i was acting like the noob who read the thread title, and found the thread content lacking as he was really interest in the shoebox micro!!!


[ learning the rope around here humor wise ]

say, seems simple disconnecting the refugee forum from the ticker that counts latest post would return those browing features to those we have disrupted???

best wishes,


Hello Ben, Nice to see you my friend I am glad you made it and to all of the IC mag family that feel bad about us from over at OG moving in I am sorry I for one hope to become part of the community.I think your board is great nice layout it works well for me I have just started to post here but I did sign up back when OG shut down the vendors forums. Thanks again Gypsy and DG and all the members of IC it is nice of you all to have me. Peace and be safe dequilo


I welcome all the OG'er and CW'ers that have something worthwhile to contribute with open arms. We can never have too much quality infomation.
And Benttech, your sense of humour isn't off. I am!.... lol