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Green Comet tonight Feb 1, 2023 Northeast Sky


Autistic Diplomat in Training
Thanks for the heads up, I've always found comets a cool subject. lol ;)

NASA wasn't around 50,000 years ago. :giggle:
Not exactly sure what you mean by this, but the 'time' since it was last here is calculated using mathematics based on trajectory and speed. It wasn't calculated by counting the years since someone took the last photo of it. heh ;)


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I just looked and I can't see it. I have a beautiful night sky if I look South but looking North is over the city and the city lights kill the stars. :(

Brother Nature

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We're going to get a view of this amazing phenomenon from the 5th to the 11th down in the southern hemisphere. I've planned a caming trip well away from any city these coming weeks, hope the weather clears up enough to see it.


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i haven't gotten to see any comets, meteor shower , nothing for over two years now! every time some celestial event is forecast, i just roll one up and turn on youtube, because you sure as hell won't see it from here. clouds, fog, you name it. pisses me off...