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Girl Scout Cookies


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Just picked up purple city genetics aka pcg girl scout cookies from bpg, they clame its the cup winning phenotype that they took 1st place this year with in indica catafory of cup well see how she turns out ill post pics as she develops im still trying to get my hands on scm or santa cruz mountain girl scout cookies harborside has claimed its the same forum cut phenotype they were using when they first vended the strain hence my interest but for now ill keep posted on the pcg gsc from bpg
I have the PCG version, the DHN version and a shorter, stocky, thick stemmed version.

The PCG and the DH looks pretty similar (lanky OG-like), the other one looks kinda like a purple strain with wider node spacing. Flowering out this one in a 5-gallon coco hempy outside. Guess I'll see what she look like finished in a couple months.


very nice tpftw:laughing:

endur always killin it dude!

can root aphids cause the plant to look like that? what points you to root aphids versus nute burn phil? thnx :tiphat:
i cant see heat and nute burn not being an issue there either.... im sure bugs may have played a roll... but it looked like heat w not enough exhaust to me also...

a pic at wk 6/7 would totally make it an easier read.. idk...

i listen to phill like that too... so im sure bugs are a good possibility also:biggrin:
Root Aphids?

Root Aphids?

Do you have anything flying around in your grow-room? Root Aphids lifecycle includes mature flying adults that look a bit different than fungus gnats.

Best way to tell.

Or if you can look well at the rootzone you will see reddish things moving on roots. Hard to see if you use soil or coco.

Blast the next rounds medium with Imidicloprid 75 two times, one week apart and your good to go.

You can use it with clone dips too.




Dark Heart Nursery posted this today on their Twitter :

"There are several phenotypes to the GS Cookies...ours is known as the platinum cut."
Just wanted to say that top pic is NOT a winged root aphid, its not even close. It's a gnat. There are 140 species, but that one is simply a fungus gnat that has all the anatomy of a gnat and zero of an aphid other than they both fly. RA's do not have long slender legs, sex organs at the end of the thorax, y pattern on the wing, antennae like that.

Their are zero subtleties of the difference between a gnat a winged RA, its really obvious.



lol that's why I love posting in the GSC thread, sure to get some neg reps...

wasn't hating just saying it's funny how the market works...

The nugs still look fantastic like OrganicBuds said... and that's what matters, is my point!

Damn people giving you neg reps, if there worried about others opnions then they shouldn't post on a public board. lol

1500 on GSC is way to high...that leaf damage is not flushing stress, ive flushed GSC from day 30 and never seen burn anywhere near that close. i rarely take GSC above 1000 ppms...its been noted several times by several growers that GSC likes low nutes/low light. my last run i only did base + rock resinator and got bigger colas than i ever have before.

Didn't know GSC were such super models. Thought they were fatties like my previous strains.

I agree with Prop215, I have run the GSC without feeding the entire run. Doubt it's the flush that did it. I would think high ppm first, if not then maybe heat.

Still looks dank and I would consider it a treat to smoke that GSC, no doubt.

Thanks, I doubt heat was a issue. Now that all you guys mentioned the low PPM GSC likes thats most likely it.

I did have aphids in the first 2-3 weeks but hit it with a mix of Bayer. Maybe that added to it.
I haven't had them in years, so I can't post a pic of an actual one I killed. Now that i look at it, I agree - it doesn't really look like a root aphid, the body is too long.

But I do remember the non flying immature ones looking exactly like the rockwool pic with them on the roots.

Here's a better pic, one that is from an IPM program at the University of Delaware:

One of the main things to look for is the cornicle - a pair of small upright backward-pointing tubes found on the dorsal side of the last segment of the bodies of aphids.

The point being that if you have flying things in your room, they may be root aphids flying around, and that would be the sign that you still have them.


Sorry, didn't realize you posted that info on the Platinum GSC cut Dark Heart Nursery carries, I just saw this on their Twitter feed yesterday.
Good thread. One of my SFBurningBush GSC cuts looks unhappy unless it is shaded in the afternoon and that bag had the most Happy Frog. Guess I'll way back off nutes for them.


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Logic GSC s1 for 250 a pack, Matt riot OG x GSC for 450....get your overpriced untested cookie scam seeds while their hot...or not

Lee Van Kief

reading through here and can't find an answer anywhere so what does the forum cut actually taste like?


everything you could possibly wanna know about gsc is in this thread..... lot to go thru for sure but anyone really wanting to get the low should read themselves and draw their own conclusions....

but for the sake of everyone that has gotten forum over the past month or two she likes low light, low temps.... cant stress that enough guys.... people say the lowers look so much bigger than the tops and all... well yea set your plant another 5 ft away and your lowers will turn into colas;)

i think it was odj maybe that had some very impressive side by side shots a long way back here now...

if your plant isnt super super super fast in veg its not forum.... top lots and watch her run dude....

also should note many s1 from forum side of the genetic popping up so many fast forum looking plant around.... cant call or id till flower on those... but forum will have the same top knots every time given ample conditions...

hope this helps:)