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Girl Scout Cookies


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forum cut pollinated by fire og bx1 male, gettin the chop


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When is there going to be sever beans is all I want to know! Lol looking for sum cheap gsc cross's.cant afford and expensive beans with my current financial status. To much money 9ut not enough in.cant even blow 60 dollars for beans out the door at th3 bay! Sever beans!,sever beans!, sever beans!lol


here is my eagle scout cookies... the cross is a thin mint variety(not thiers) x (skywalker og x joseph og)....

she is lookin really sexy... in a 3 gal pot shes right at home and stretching out... i see skywalker sets early but more and more cookie traits as she gets older....

hopefully shes something real nice... only one way to find out right;)



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I heard that the cookiefam will be working with DNA, true or not I don't know.
Anybody heard anything about this?
I believe that to be true. I spoke with J from DNA and he said they will be working with them, Jigga is their boy... Their breeder told me the same. I was told by cookiefam seeds would be ready in time for Spainibus... but like danksmith said, it's one of those we hope sort of things...


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Yep, chocolate chip cookies...

Heard that from the man... I hope they don't care I am sharing this, I assume it's public knowledge at this point.
PCG! Thank you Dr BHaze! I've been eyeing BPG clones forever. They sometimes have up to three cookie cuts and two sour d cuts. The only two strains I want cuts of. I know bpg always has pcg's gsc and I think they might be one of the sour d vendors as well. There is another vendor Burn(something). I'm just glad to hear that if pcg at least entered and won with their platinum, then their gsc cut is probably legit. Most dispensaries seem to claim the platinum as the best. I think this might solely be due to the grower and the strain....Anyone have any comments on that?

Just grabbed 6 PCG cookie clones from BPG. Will post pics later.....


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Drove by a sign today that said BPG but the parking lot was closed and locked up. Looked kinda deserted. Did they move recently or are they moving?
Just grabbed 6 PCG cookie clones from BPG. Will post pics later.....

PCG Cookie clones from BPG. They also had MF Cookies.

HHCSJ now has a SK Platinum Cookies.

HHCOak now says SCM Cookies is most likely Forum.

Just recent 411 I gathered, do as you must....


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