GDP email?


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I've tried every avenue to contact GDP.
I go to contact on the website and the email and phone number doesn't work
Can anyone please pass along a rep or GDPs email so I can contact?

It's pretty important and regarding their gear I ordered.
Thank you


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Maybe PNW_grown will pop in and help me out here?
Don't know why GDP's website doesn't have contact up..

They sell out on almost every distributers site..
Problems do arise from time to time!
Dude I've posted queries in the GDP forum too with no response..

try to contact ken on facebook?I get the feeling he is the face of the seed company rather than the actual breeder perse,I have spoken to him on fb and he just asks for pics and doesn't really get into talking about the plant too much or addressing any 'issues' with that said I don't know how easy/hard typing is for him so I appreciate his responses,even though my questions haven't been answered.It would be nice to speak to someone but maybe their collectives and clones come before the seeds when it comes to time/attention given.


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I've sent ken and gpd collective messages on Facebook.
No response.
I didn't go into detail that it was a seed issue.

I've even looked up thier collevtive and tried calling.
Number is disconnected.


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Ken told me at the last LA cup Facebook is the best method to contact him ...he has a lot on his plate right now might be a little busy.


I was trying to connect on a number of fronts....through being persistent you can look up some collectives and get to a person that has a face book post saying a really interesting post about GDP p2p and KK...I had no complaint just wanted to buy authentic seeds and support the correct breeders.. I did get their full line that from what I seen may be having some serious business issue... I hope they straighten the story out.. As for my seeds? Time will tell....would mention names to look up but do not know if you should on this site..guarantee if true it is interesting.


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All I know is I got ripped off over 200 bucks..
GDP sponsored site.
Just trying to clear up the issue..

Not trying to harass them.
Just trying to climb my way up the ladder until I find an answer.


On the post...(from their marketing director? he said) nobody is manning the phones because it doesn'T exist under kens name, he (ken)was hired as a front man for a group of talented breeders that liked staying behind the scenes).. Who knows ? I certainly don't and do not really care.. But I liked what I've read on the products buying a pack of all and believe they or Ken have some great genetics...I'm sure the stories are flying in their circles..I'm from the old school in Mendocino and enjoyed hanging at the restaurant in Potter valley in the 80's just to see what new and cool strains worked out under the manzanita forests ! Good luck on your endeavors.....some see diamonds in rings... I see diamonds on leaves

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