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Galactic Grape


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Not a lot of information on these, so I thought I would share my initial impressions.

13 of 13 popped. 4 females. I am currently running three clones of each female in test.

In veg all seemed quite simular with wide leaves and thick stems being the norm. No special coloration or aromas were evident.

20 days after cuttings were taken all clones were topped and pruned to 2 shoots. 10 days later the clones were transfered to bloom (my baseline that I start everything with).

Going into bloom there was some variation: One shorter(8-10 inches) two medium(12-14) and one tall(14-16).

After 14 days of bloom everyone doubled in height and started to differentiate.

At 21 days they have really started to look interesting:

The short one is very dark green, lotta trichs for this age and lemony meat stenchy. Its about 28" tall and both branches fully enveloped with bud sites. Not the grape I am looking for - but this plant has the look and smell of something devastating.

The tall one averages 38" tall has very thick stems and some of the largest fan leaves I've seen fully 16" across at 21 days! This one looks like it wants to reach up, rip the light down, and just suck on the raw current. It has an undefined sweet aroma that I hope evolves into my target grape.

The two medium ones are a mixture of the first two phenos. The Punnit Square gods must have smiled upon me.

At this point I was a little concerned about running out of room. I run aero and trellis all plants to optimize light. So it doesn't take much to have an instant uncontrolled jungle.

Here's the really amazing thing - at day 23 they quit stretching and started slamming out bud. I have looked at a lot of plants over the years, but I don't think I've seen a plant slam on the brakes and make thumb sized, crystally buds this fast.

It was impressive enough that I went and snagged some other packs of d420's gear to see what other interesting genes he has lurking.

Early impressions are very good - I may not have my grape yet - but these are some damned interesting plants. I'm not ready to proclaim anything without smoketests, and have seen beautiful junk plants before, but Galactic Grape has gone to the top of my interest list in my prospect stable.



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Update Day 56. Phenos 1,2 and 3 are finishing. I'm pulling one plant of each type at 56, 60 and 65 days. Giant pheno looks to go 65.



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Here are some dried nug shots from the day 56 chop.

Pheno 1 - Candied Grape flavor with a fuel undertone. Tastes like grape skittles and smacks with a nice hammer.

Pheno 2 - Mostly fuel and fire with a candy afternote. Head Spinner.

Pheno 3 - burnt candy - devastating weed.



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Some method notes and yeild results from day 56 chop:

I normally run 18 clones in an aero36 with a 1K horti on a mover. Two of my testees where late to show their testes, so only 12 plants went forward.

This is my information gathering run so I start with my base nute, prune and timing stats. I'm trying to find out for each pheno:

veg time
topping strategy
prune schedule
nute strength
#days for best chop

So the yeild numbers are far from optimum, I'm also pulling plants from smallest to largest as i go through the 56, 60 and 65 day chops.

pheno 1 - 1.6
pheno 2 - 1.4
pheno 3 - 1.4

Not bad really. I know already how to improve this from what I've learned so far. My target for "runners" is normally 1.7 - 2.5 average per plant. I'm confident I can get to the high end of that scale in the shakedown run.

Most impressive plants all around - the only other thing I'd like is some color - but it is only day 56 after all.



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Day 60 Update:

Couple of late nanners on pheno2 - All aromas intensifying as the clearing started a couple days ago.


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Day 60 Nug Shots:

Little more of everything (smell, taste, buzz) - looks like day 60 is best for these.

Production: p1 - 2.0 p2 - 3.3 p3 - 1.6

One more update to go. Day 65 will have one more plant of each plus all three pheno 4 giant plants. P4 looks like it wants to go 70+ but it will have to go on day 65.

I have a shakedown run ready to rock on phenos 1,2,3. I'll post if interested. I hope this information is of use to those considering these seeds. I've ran through many many packs of seeds and never found 100% keepers before.

Questions / Comments are welcome



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Day 65 sneak peek I couldn't resist showing

I'll be back in a few with chop and dried shots, final numbers etc.

All I can say is WOW!

Thanx d420!!!



Re: Galactic Grape

Awesome Aero.. I am glad you enjoyed them bro.. thanks so much for posting up some pics as well..


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Day 65 Update

While prepping for this update, I realized my enthusiasm for this plant is going to make this missive run a little long. Since there isn't really a lot of info around on this plant - I didn't think you all would mind.

Here are the survivors on day 65 - last day standing

You can see all 4 phenos getting their last light.

I will run through each pheno on its own.


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Day 65 P1

Fresh chop shot

Nug shot

One plant production 2.5

This plant produces hard golf ball nugs. They have the smell and flavor of grape skittles with just a slight hint of fuel. The buzz is immeadiate and to the head. Nice bit of body balance.

Smell/Taste 8
Power 7

Production: 2.5 oz
The average of all 3 p1 plants was 2.0. I know I can get it to do better.

Grow Reccs:

33 day veg from clip
60 day bloom
very mild prune
tweak nitrogen/pk balance. Needs a little less N.

Final thoughts on P1:

Top shelf candy buds. I see this one ready to run right now, tho I will add it to the shakedown mix run.


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Day 65 P2

Last day standing

fresh chop

bud shot

1 plant yeild 4.3

P2 was a chunky columnar plant. The taste is high octane fuel with a candy note on the exhale. Head smack on exhale that adds a room spin by hit number 3.

smell/taste 8
power 8

production: 4.3 oz

Three P2 plants averaged 2.9. I think I can get it to 3.3 with a little longer veg.

Grow Reccs:

33 day veg
60 day bloom
Less N in nutes
Watch for a couple late nanners

Final Thoughts on P2:

I love the structure, taste and buzz of this one. It would be ready for rotation right now, except for those couple nanners. So next step for P2 is the shake down run. Hopefully this can get sorted cause it's my favorite pheno of this group.



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Day 65 P3

Last day shot

fresh chop

nug shot

P3 was a short plant from the start, and suffered shading from her sisters throughout the grow. It had the best trich coverage of these. The buds were long, conical and dense as hell. The early testers tasted like burnt candy, but as they got older the taste evolved into burnt almonds. The buzz is the strongest with this one - fast smack to the forehead on first hit. Newbs will "gotta go home man" ya round hit 3.

smell/taste 6
power 8.5

production: 2.9 oz
The average yield for P3 was 2.0. This was very short and will perform much better with more veg time - I'm going with 36 days next time.

Grow Reccs:

36 day veg
60 day bloom
no prune

This plant always wants to be dark green, but I will reduce N next go round.

Final Thoughts on P3:

This plant is pure power. It will be in the shakedown run with 1 and 2. I may try some extra humates to sharpen the flavor next time.


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Day 65 P4

Haven't really said much about this one, since its just starting its finish and hasn't had anyone chopped till now.

This is a very special plant. It is very vigorous and has dinner plate sized leaves by three weeks old. Right about then(23 days) it slams on the brakes and starts making bud. Man oh man does it make bud.

I've never been a fan of gigantic buds. They never seem to have the same potentcy as smaller phenos of the same strain. Too hard and they mould up - LUI and Sweet tooth 3 come to mind. I've ran a few fluffy ones - my old fav was a jojorizzo crystal locomotive that grew and tasted like like cotton candy - you could barely stuff and seal an ounce into a ziplock.

The other thing is, I've never been a yeild first kind of guy. I tend to tinker with medium/low yeilders that have extreme buzzes and then work them into producing better.

P4 is one fat chick. But she is rock hard solid. Six inch diameter buds up to a foot and half long. No sign of bud rot anywhere.

And she smells and tastes fantastic - very strongly sweet bazooka grape bubblegum.

OK teasing is over, on with the pleasing.

Final Day line up

fresh chop

fresh trim

dry bud shot

lil nug pile

close up showing the quality is still there, even tho she's a biggun.

This plant wanted to take over the grow. It required extra training and trellis work to keep this much mass up in the air. They had a little more space than normal and they took advantage of it.

The amazing taste and smell is complimented by a quick hitting, relaxing body buzz which is in turn contrasted by a light, bubbly social twist. She does not beat you in the head, but rather massages your temples. Would make a great medical or party variety.

smell/taste: 9
power: 6.5

Production: Un Fucking Believable!

The biggest producer was 5.3 oz. The average was 4.5 per plant. These clones were a little big going in, they were not pruned, and had extra space. That being said, I think I can tweak them into averaging 4.5 in a production run. 4.5 x 18 = 80 zips = 5 lbs. That would break records for me. Just fitting that much bud mass into a 4' x 5' footprint would be amazing. Look for a new thread called "5 lbs with 1K light - the 80 zip challenge with Galactic Grape" coming soon!

Grow Reccs:
28 days veg
70 days bloom
light prune - 2 bottom branches day 14
use base nutes, bump PK slightly

P4 final thoughts:
I bought that pack of seeds last year hoping to find a grape pheno that yeilded ok. What i have found has far exceeded my best expectations. P4 took me to the back room, did some wild and wonderful things, then dumped me on the couch with a smile on my face - a changed man - a man in love with his new red haired phat girl.

She's a runner.

I'll wrap up overall conclusions in a day or so.

Your comments and questions are welcome.


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Really nice work AK! I love the detail you put into this thread. You're a pro for sure!

I like the P1 and the P4. How long do you plan on curing these? They look like they have great "bag appeal".

Can you tell us a little more about your light setup? Thanks!



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- R. Fortune

I'm still up after that marathon update, so I thought I'd answer your questions now rather than later.

First thanks for the positive note - this forum doesn't get much traffic, so the room feels a little empty.

You are right, P1 and P4 are immeadiate runners. 2 and 3 will need some tweaks, but are certainly capable of reaching that status. Bag appeal is off the hook for all 4 phenos.

As for drying and curing. I built a drying closet that will gently dehydrate the buds, without sapping the flavor and smell, in about 14 hours. This gets them to "stick breaks stage". After clipping they go to turkey bags, where for about 3 days, they are brought to smokable by opening/closing the bags, slowly drawing out moisture. They then get heat sealed into QPs. This is about the time the bud fairey shows up and they dissapear. For my stash and archives I jar up a couple zips. The sealed bag weed is indistinguishable from the jar weed within a month. The key is to minimize handling.

As for lighting:
I run a 1000w Hortilux on a light mover over the 4' x 5' footprint of the canopy. They get a small amount a side/splash lighting from other units in the room.

If you are interested in more methodology, I recently started a thread in the Connoisseur Genetics forum called "Grand Doggy Purps - The shakedown run".

Thanx Again for your interest!



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Damn you AK...now I have to buy more seeds!!!!!

Excellent grow man. That GG looks like some dankity dank!



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Final Conclusions:

I waited a while to get some reports from the field and to get a little jar time on samples.

P1 - Still has the sweet candy smell and flavor with a smack to the face. Smooth and no choke - fantastic bag appeal - a consumer favorite.

P2 - Fuel with sweet aftertaste. Favorite of folks who like "power weed". Much more head and up buzz, with room spins.

P3 - Most potent, but the flavor has turned even more bitter with time. Least popular pheno amongst consumers, but a few appreciated the pure sparkly punch.

P4 - Has gotten even sweeter with time. Pinching a fat bud releases intense grape aromas that turns heads. The buzz feels a little deeper with more body, but still a great medical or party selection.

I can honestly say I've never had so many great plants from one pack of seeds. A polyhybrid cross with individual plants normally results in an extended easter egg hunt that takes a good deal more effort to find the quality plants. I think d420 did such a great job with his parent selection, that no matter what you end up with, its gonna be good!

From this run - here are my plans for what to do from here with these plants;

P1, P2, and P3 are in a shake down run together. 2 rows of each, with varigated veg times. I may update this thread with that run, if there is interest in seeing them go through my process.

P4 is becoming a pet project for me. I'm always interested in yield, but I've never went all out to get it. I think this is the plant to try to break records with. I'm getting the mom ready for a run in about a month, where I will go all out, use every trick I know, and try to get 5 Lbs from 1K of light. I plan on doing a thread on this - so look for it soon!

With the results I have seen, it was a no brainer to snap up other Carpe Diem selections. So far I have Flame thrower, Space Chimp, Gorilla Grape x Emp Kush, Alien Bubba, and the Mayan freebies. Flame Thower got first dibs, and I started a thread to document that journey as well.

So one pack of seeds has generated a lot of work! Work I can't wait to get to with these genetics!

The best $100 I've ever spent on anything - including seeds!! I highly reccommend Galactic Grape for all growers at all experience levels.


Thank you so much for offering these to the community. Galactic Grape has inspired me so much, that I got out of the bunker I've been in since the CW/OG/HS debacle to share these results. Looks like I'll be around for a while, working with your gear. I hope my reports help spread the word about your great genetics!

Lemme know if there's anything I can do to help further.

-To the Peanut Gallery:

Thanx for watching!

As always, your questions and comments are welcome!


Scottish Research

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P4 sounds like money. I have Sour Grape Kush, but I've not grown them out yet.

Nice detailed report! It would be nice to see more of these.

It certainly would help sales.