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Freakshow (fern leaf strain) by shapeshifter/humboldt seed company


Since I found no info about this strain here, I decided to share what I know about this fern leafed frondy cannabis plant. All text and pictures taken from the @thehumboldtseedcompany ig page

"The Freakshow Strain 🎪 (scroll left) World Debut next weekend @theemeraldcup also available through all of our outlets thereafter! Both regular and feminized versions will be available and clones coming soon through our nursery partners including @darkheart.nursery @hendrxfarm @kaprikorn_clones Video by @erik.nugshots Seed pack pic by @media_apex_production Created by Shapeshifter"

"Are you ready to get Freaky? World debut @theemeraldcup The Freakshow cannabis strain is a unique mutation that occurred naturally for breeder Shapeshifter. We don’t have a ton of free time to answer comments, we haven’t taken venture capitalist funny money to hire a social media team, it’s just us skimming comments on the john. So here are answers to common Freakshow questions.... It is 100% not GMO or GE, we didn’t splice it (ps we support mandatory labeling for all GE/GMO cannabis) rather it occurred naturally. It must be selected for within a breeding program to become a stable trait, which Shapeshifter accomplished and we’re continuing. It’s not related to Australian Bastard. Really what happened is that Shapeshifter had an open mind to variations in cannabis. Rather than just killing off any plant that didn’t fit “the commercial model” Shapeshifter was open to new and radical traits and what he found was a plant that produced great cannabis with unique terpenes, an uplifting effect and wild leaf shape anomalies!!!Thanks to Shapeshifter for opening our minds even more to the amazing phenotypic potential of this wonderful species! “To see things in the seed, that is genius” Lao Tzu. Also coming soon in clone form through our licensed nursery partners!!!video by @knockmyfenceover"

"Freakshow stands up to Humboldt rain like a champ! Must be her graceful, fern like leaves. First ever Freakshow seed release planned for @theemeraldcup and a limited release around the world shortly thereafter. Bred by our friend Shapeshifter, seed production by @thehumboldtseedcompany Clone releases TBA! The terpenes on this one are fantastic and effects lean towards the sativa side of the spectrum with plenty enough THC to get your freak on. Easy to grow and a wonderful addition to your backyard garden, maybe tucked in with the Ferns and Marigolds 😉"

"The Freakshow Strain!Shapeshifter (breeder in center/creator of Freakshow) and @terravesco_feed_the_soil on the farm to check on the progress of the Freakshow breeding project and to add their lovely microbe rich soil to our efforts! Patience is a virtue but we do intend to release Freakshow to the public with the blessings of Shapeshifter and fam..."

"We will be working with “Shapeshifter” to breed some very cool cannabis as part of our 2020 line up!!! This is a leaf of “Freakshow”, bred by Shapeshifter, who is an amazing breeder, who’s work will be brought to light and even potentially shared in the near future! These pics are kind of a hint of what’s to come.. photographed by @erik.nugshots - We will be explaining what’s going here in the next few weeks-months as we document our efforts working with this strain😲... remember folks everything we breed here gets its own isolated chamber so everything we pollinate is completely intentionally pollinated... this isn’t a one cross wonder operation. That’s why our the muffins always smell like muffins and our OG’s smell like chevron. Basically, don’t worry we keep our Freaks right where we want em.. the Freakshow chamber!"


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More pics


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Ruffle plant from dragonflyearthmedicine

Ruffle plant from dragonflyearthmedicine

I also found a similar leaf expression from a strain @dragonflyearthmedicine is calling ruffle plant (gnome outdoor x papaya)

Ruffle Plant update!!! The 2 plants that showed the most ruffled leaf variations were planted together and one turned out to be a male and the other a female. So, we bred them and there are viable seeds forming. This ruffle varietal plant showed itself again (after MANY years) from our long time Gnome outdoor genetics crossed with @greensourcegardens papaya strain in a back and forth breeding project that started more than 10 years ago by seeds we passed on to other friends who then bred into itself in Oregon for several years and then passed on those Gnome outdoor seeds to The Peace Seed Family. All in hopes of stabilizing early finishing varieties for all of the PNW. We had not seen this ruffled variety for about 20 years. So, to have it back with added tangy papaya terps and showing total pest and mold resistance is awesome!!!We have been a constant 98% humidity and near freezing nights for a month and yet,,, this amazing Ruffle Plant is thriving and forming seeds and the flowers are loaded with trichomes. We will continue the majik of sharing genetics through breeding projects and give these few seeds out to Pure Certified farms throughout the world to further and strengthen this cannabis anomaly genetic. As the energy of corporate cannabis looms in every nook of this industry, it is important for all of us to keep our focus on the plant as medicine and as a mentor/teacher. Sharing seeds and creating breeding project actualizes our strains. When many people collect data on a particular chemovar then it is protected through Public Domain by actualizing it and creating “prior art” which protects it from corporate cannabis ownership through patent laws. Share your seeds! Plant more seeds!! #ComeUnity #DEMPureCertified #DEMPureGenetics #PublicDomain #PriorArt #RufflePlant"


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Thanks. I came here to icmag to help spread wonder and interesting/educational info about this amazing understudied plant and to learn more myself also. Hence my name, from "Cannabis and the Search"


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That's pretty cool. I've seen some mutants, but that is an interesting trait. I'll be following this one. Looks like it yields well too

Mystic Funk

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I have been following this breeding project for awhile now and its a breath of fresh air to see someone take the time to breed something truly new and special like this.

From what I see this trait is recessive so making crosses with it will most likely hide this trait. Either way I think it's so cool to see such a unique line.



@thehumboldtseedcompany ig page

"The Freakshow Strain 🎪 (scroll left) World Debut next weekend @theemeraldcup also available through all of our outlets thereafter! Both regular and feminized versions will be available and clones coming soon through our nursery partners including @darkheart.nursery @hendrxfarm @kaprikorn_clones Video by @erik.nugshots Seed pack pic by @media_apex_production Created by Shapeshifter"

"We will be working with “Shapeshifter” to breed some very cool cannabis as part of our 2020 line up!!! "

Anyone know where to get those seeds?

Check the humboldt seed company's ig page for updates, or more contact info. They have not been released quite yet but will be in the next month it seems. Debut is in 2 days at the emerald cup, then it will be released to the general public after.


Just this guy, ya know?
Says nothing up in Maine yet but I'll be keeping my eyes peeled. Looks like a really interesting plant, hopefully it smokes as good as it looks!

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