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Fungal Repositories
Rhizophagy, Microbial Endophytes, Endocannabinoid system and Cannabinoids

. These four entities (forms of life or life enhancing) means. Have a Symbiotic relationship being plant, animal/human, fungal and bacterial.
So closely related in their function and (PURPOSE) not plural. I have no doubt that God designed them specifically for you and I to benefit from, through and to/too.

Symbiotic relationships

*SYMBIOSIS, is a close ecological relationship between the individuals of two (or more) different species.

*Commensalism, one species benefits, the other is unaffected.

*Mutualism, both species benefit.

*Competition, neither species benefits.

*Parasitism, one species benefits, the other is harmed.

Although there are many ways organisms interact with one another, most symbiosises involve clever ways to obtain food or protection.

The human body, the cannabis plant and the soil food web encompasses this like the Trinity. The student is not greater than the master, but dependent upon each other to reach the highest level of function and expression.

This type of symbiosis is poorly understood and less well documented relative to Symbiotic relationships. These posts might be the first time this Symbiotic relationship has been explained in a factual manner.

Rhizo- root
Phagy- eating
Plants eating microbes, cycling them back into the soil. The microbes are still living and gather more nutrients taken back up into the root system again.
Like sticking a finger in mom's brownie batter and sucking it back off.

*Microbes can alter cannabinoids percentages * (EPIPHANY) !!!

Let me explain this to you so you understand the magnitude of that research proven statement. Hundreds of thousands of dollars if not millions have been spent on tuitions of botanists, medical doctors not to mention research equipment, laboratories and greenhouse field studies, time and labor. To confidently utter these five words.

Microbes can alter cannabinoids percentages!

I feel I should do another nutshell summary to really drive this point home, before I conclude this lesson. The ramifications are a blessing of staggering proportions.

For medical patients and growers, you can increase the (CBD, CBG, CBN, THC) and including the myriad of other cannabinoids in your cannabis. By increasing the microbial colonies and their health in your organic soil. I get so excited about this I can barely type. Looking out the window at deer playing in my yard in the snow. Summer seems so far off right now.

*Endophytes, are microbes that the roots pull inside the root cells and convert into energy. Overall growth, nutrient content and THC, CBD, CBG, CBN Etc content of cannabis plants are influenced by what endophytes are present in the plant.

Total Endophytes
Seed vectored Endophytes , don't clean your seeds. They have microbes on the outside that the seedling needs. Soil microbes are absorbed, microbial diversity in soil is important. Seed quality is in direct relation and proportion to overall soil health.
Lower germination rates are in direct relation to this aspect of seed, soil and plant health.

*Microbial Endophytes *

A. Improve plant stress tolerance.

B. Suppress plant pathogenic fungi.

C. Modulate root development

D. Improve nutrient absorption.

E. Alter chemical constituents of plants.
Constituents- an essential part, component, element. The organic Constituents of plants, animals and microorganisms. Harry S Mosher, Merriam Webster.

F. Gravitropic Response- roots grow downwards instead of sideways. This is essential for consistency in water availability for your plants and the microbial health of the Symbiotic relationships.

This is a continual cycle throughout flowering. The plant can adjust in what amounts of each nutrient it feels it needs..
*Plants exude a secretion of EXUDATES in a zone proximity to root tip meristems. This facilitates microbe entry into the plant meristem. The plant feeds the microbes drawing in different exudates to be cleaned of nutrients and re-released back into the soil.

Inside the root cell a superoxcide strips cell walls of the microbes. Nitrogen is contained inside bacterial cell walls.
*Cytoplasms* are
Gram"-" Bacteria- amino acids, glutamine acids, alanine, diaminopimelic acids.
*Super Oxide*
Gram"+" Bacteria- amino acids, alanine, glutamine, lysine, glycine.
Super oxide is abundantly produced around the microbes in the paraplasmic space. Just outside the root hair plasma membrane.

*Rhizophagy Cycle Microbes* Modulate the development of seeds.
1. Microbes trigger the Gravitropic Response in roots causing them to grow down through the soil..

2. Microbes trigger root hair elongation. (no microbes, no root hairs)

3. Microbes increase root branching.

4. Microbes increase root and shoot elongation and total growth.

*EXPANSION WAVE* mechanism for microbial expulsion from root hairs in Rhizophagy cycle. This expansion works in the same way that the male ejaculation does. The microbes are pushed out the root tip under pressure.

*CONSTANT CYCLOSIS* (ejaculation) enables efficient nutrient exchange between microbes and root cells by reducing gradient build-up (blue balls).

Native microbes on seeds should be preserved. No anti microbials on seeds and no removal of seed tissues.

Manage soils and seeds to build up microbial colonies/communities.


Biostimulant microbes may be added; these are generally Endophytes that enter into the root cells. Participating in the Rhizophagy cycle, but the correct microbes need to be deployed for optimal results. In an earlier post I covered Microbial Dominance in TEA'S.
This cycle time can be as short as 12 hours, when the inputs are correct to a few days/week+ if the inputs are wrong. (Synthetics/Heavy salts).

Biochemical diversity through organic soil microbes is the future of SUPER TUNING healthier cannabis plants, with a wider cannabinoidal spectrum as an elevated base.

Dr. James White, Professor of Plant Pathology Rutgers University stated.

Seed microbes plus soil microbes should have the strongest beneficial inputs for plant life and productivity. Studies are ongoing, plants farm their own microbes, plants colonize exudates.

For my Fungal Repositories in my grow bags these are the things I use on a regular basis. Nothing in huge amounts, just so they are present. That my earthworms are eating, tunneling fresh air passages in my bags. The microbes my roots need to feed from and feed are available at all times of the season.

While during I will throw in an extra whole potato or banana for elevated potassium needs. I'm pretty sure the soil already has it figured out and is ahead of me.
* I do want to add that pests and disease don't bother healthy plants.* I have not purchased Lady Bugs or any othere predatory insects in the past two years. I have never purchased a herbicide or pesticide.

I will document my entire upcoming season starting this spring with cleaning and soil preparations.
peace farmerlion


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Farmerlion, I know you are a greenhouse grower but this should be no different if planting into the ground correct? I am starting a new outdoor fully organic garden this spring so this thread couldn't have started or at least gotten back on track at a better time, thanks so much for the info. I stopped using any sprays in my old garden the last year and was amazed watching birds feed and many different kinds of bugs that all seemed to take care of each other. So far in preparation for the new garden, this past summer I put tons of oak wood chips from stumps I had ground and put them in the area I plan to start as well as lawn clippings, leaves, and old coco from indoor grows. I plan to till in some rice hulls to aerate the soil a bit and add some worm castings, calcium, manure, and kelp to start. I will also add the ash from my spring time cleanup burn where I burn christmas trees and any sticks or limbs that came down in the winter. Anyway, look forward to the information you provide and thanks again for your contribution :biggrin:


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In terms of in the ground/outdoor growing, related to the discussion here --

I have always dreamed of having the time to do this, both for cannabis and the kitchen garden:

Terra Preta -- Biochar --
The terra preta, or black earth, is a recent discovery that gives rise to the likelihood of the Amazon Rainforest being a carefully structured environment instead of a pristine wilderness. This hypothesis believes that the abnormally black and fertile earth found scattered around the Amazon Rainforest was of the techniques used by indigenous cultures to maintain the fertility of one of the most vulnerable and important ecosystems on earth.


Fungal Repositories
OG and 44 yes you certainly can do this in the ground. Be careful to only dig with a shovel in case there is shallow power lines. I thank you both for checking out this thread I hijacked. It had been neglected for quite some time, I don't feel bad. Please feel free to ask any questions. I had been asked to teach a friend how to grow, and she's moving so this seems like the best way to communicate and reach more people with good information.
Happy New Years my ICMAG family.
Peace farmerlion


Fungal Repositories
So, if i use a tea, say from worm castings, not to add a rotty banana to the tea later in the grow?


The tea starts starts to be digested by microbes the minute it's made. Each time one food source is depleted, another microbe becomes dominant eating the next available food group of (starches, sugars). Each time the food group changes to suit another microbe. The plant has to re-aclimate to the new microbial group. This is stunting the growth of the plant each time it has to acclimate.

When the repositories are used in the soil. The same microbes react with the exudates in a symbiotic relationship throughout the entire life cycle of the plant.

It can enhance the entire growth cycle and phenotypic expressions. Fully noticed at harvest through curing of the buds.

Peace farmerlion


Fungal Repositories
44:86N, that link is very accurate and efficient on a global scale. It gets complicated when you are trying to control every aspect of a geographical environment in a different environment. What I learned years ago was to make your environment the best it can be, not to recreate something that doesn't exist.

I'm along the Canadian Border not next to Columbia or Cambodia in a tropical rain forest. The sustainment of the widest, strongest microbial diversity in my environment, is the best environment for cannabis growing , in my environmental conditions.

Notice how successful a thriving microbiological environment is that is sustained over a long period of time. Healthy breeds healthy. The Amazon doesn't have a pesticide issue. The Amazon doesn't have a herbicide issue. The Amazon has continually renewed soils and microorganisms working together.

Watch this take place in your grow room/greenhouse or outdoor scenarios. This is the most solid, repeatable, sustainable efficient system (for your environmental conditions) period.
I look forward to seeing you and many other growers seeing this system exceed your previous experiences. I will only have to influence your style once.

Peace farmerlion


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So, i recently had an opportunity to do a side by side smoke test. This was from the same clone, with one sample being done in the farmerlion method. The other sample was indoor grown, under led's, and the roots were in old/new potting mix that was watered with a light worm tea, throughout the grow. The difference was obvious, and only took the inhale part to know which was preferred, didn't even need to exhale to have formed an opinion. There were too many variables, (such as lighting, and cure) to be considered scientifically conclusive, in this short little test. But i'm pretty convinced, already.

We have been tossing our kitchen leftovers into our veggie gardens, for years. And we put the end of the year garden stalks and leaves back into the soil. Also, bird droppings from chickens and pigeons. Am wondering how to increase the amount of fungal repositories for large garden applications. The bushes that grow in this area that have berries, i suppose that we could juice the berries, but that stuff is valuable for food...perhaps when the apple trees are mature, the leftover apple stuff would be good, but that will probably take a few more years. The gardens are large, and i don't know that we have enough to put a dent in them, with our scraps. The garden soil was 'virgin' with lots of rock dust from the glacial dumps, so we are pretty lucky in that area. The soil is on the alkaline side, and is low in magnesium, high in sodium(or was that chloride, i forget). We are hoping that the bird droppings are helping, as that is probably our 'best' soil addition. Supposedly, pigeon droppings are one of the finest manures, bringing top dollars, back in the old days when actual dropping manures were used frequently.


Following along Farmerlion

What do you guys/gals think about Lactic Acid Bacteria?

There was a thread here with nice info about that but i don't remember where to dig. Iirc the theory is that the lab produce short chain fatty acids that the plant can use to build cannabinoids and terps.


Fungal Repositories
Following along Farmerlion

What do you guys/gals think about Lactic Acid Bacteria?

I have used acidophilus tablets in my soild before. Since it was one of multiple amendments I can't speak of it's own merits as a definite strength. Lactic acid can come through multiple backgrounds with uncertain conditions and additives. Processed foods can contain numerous ingredients of uncertainty even milk. Preservatives in anything are not your growing friends.

I'm all for trying new things and ideas to a point. Remember this analogy and screen new ideas through it so to speak.

Most fishing tackle is designed to catch fisherman not fish. Now apply this same principle to the cannabis industry and it's myriad of products positioned for your consumer dollars. It doesn't take long to see the vast landscape of smoke and mirrors. There aren't any shortcuts to quality. You have to do the work and you have to protect the procedure from the hyped pollution/gimmicks of the cannabis industry.

Look at the jungle of bullshit that hydroponics growers have to sift through. A multitude of products with animated pictures and greatly exaggerated claims of productivity. Then on top they tell you the biggest lie in cannabis growing. That you can FLUSH the excess chemicals out of your plants. Note this, Sea-90 is the amendment used by Dr.Maynard Murray for decades that set growth rate records for tomatoes in his hydroponic system. I will also note that the world's largest pumpkins are also grown using Sea-90 as their secret ingredient. I also use the Sea-90 in my watering regiment at one third the recommended application. It was designed and used by Dr.Maynard Murray for hydroponic growing in his studies.

Long story short I myself wouldn't use dairy products as a soil amendment. Be careful also how much stuff you try and mix into a pot/container. If you are adding the wrong things like growth inhibitors to supertune your soil you might be doing a bunch of harm with one product that made big claims and of even being organic.

Nannymouse, thank you very much for sharing your opinion on the Blue Thai buds. For those of you that don't know Nannymouse. She has been on the scene, in the scene, is the scene since the late 60's. This incredible woman has elite experience cloning, growing cannabis for decades. She is respected by top growers/breeders all over the world for her skillsets. It's my honor to call her a friend.

Midwestkid, I hope this answers your question. If you or anyone else has a question please feel free to ask. If I don't know the answer I will plainly tell you. To find the answer I will deeply study the subject if it has merit.
Peace farmerlion


Fungal Repositories

Good morning my friends. This is a very informative video on germination and a technique that is very similar to what I do. The information and video quality are very good. Please take note to his multiple references about soil temperatures outside. This is critical for seedlings to get the best starts. Planting late isn't the end of the world. Especially growing tall plants at a northern latitude. Some of my more sativa genetics I intentionally wait an extra week or two before germinating seed for this very reason.

Unless the end of May is very warm I will wait until the first week in June to start my plants in the greenhouse. I can't understate the benefits of a healthy start versus holding to tradition of Memorial weekend for outdoor planting. Yes I use that weekend for convenience as most of us are off of work.

A later planted seedling that can flourish is much better off than a struggling early planted seedling that is skinny and tall and needs supporting. Those we cull and replant. Funny how the late planted plants seem to catch up and do very well by the end of the season.
Peace farmerlion


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One of the cool things about L.A.B. is its virtually free as I make my own. So definitely not following any hype marketing techniques
BUT I have not done a legit side by side to see how plants perform with and without it...

I will have to give the Sea-90 a try.
My first question would be this...
how would one go about monitoring the salinity of his/her medium? Would the Sea-90 build up over time? Would you eventually reach a point where it was no longer needed?


Fungal Repositories
Hello friends, today we are going to discuss the genetics I will be growing out over the next couple of seasons.

Before I state any genetics one must have a goal you are trying to accomplish. Even if you chose not to make a decision you have made that decision not to make one. In the end that is your legacy, like it or not.


1. With the two most important strains I have been gifted, I will do an open pollination reproduction of each strain.

2. Upon curing of the buds, one reproduction per season. I will gift back to the people that blessed me with these incredible genetics. When dealing with any genetic base don't take it for granted. If it's special or unique to you, it will be special and unique for someone else as well.

As the decades quickly pass us by our memories create legends in our youth that we tirelessly pursue spending thousands of dollars trying to find and recreate. Road Kill Skunk is the best example of this analogy. Unless 30+ year old seeds are found, it's gone!

3. I want to make a hybrid of the two Inbred lines and fully acclimate them to my growing environment. While making selections towards the strongest cannabinoidal expressions (POI).

The first strain I will be preserving through reproduction is (Mother of Pearl) WTF is that?
Mother of Pearl is a gem of gems. The male has a turbulent past that caused discord amoung friends. Bushweed later named it Hmong Hilltribe Thai , prior to that it was a Thai selection made in and around Phitsanulok Thailand by Kanga. He and Neville were working together at the time. This isn't the same Hmong Thai used by dubi and Charlie.
It was shared and passed to a few different people. If you search Hmong Hilltribe Thai you can read the great thread by rc_colas. It was later crossed to the legendary (Ogers Kush)created by the Oregon Kid in the 80's. The combination of the two strains makes what I'm growing and reproducing The Mother of Pearl. This cross was made by Huesos. The Phitsanulok Thai has a natural early onset of flowering that Huesos selected towards while maintaining the incredible power of each parental donor.
This is the background of the Mother of Pearl. There is information about the Ogers Kush, I can't post links as it is to a private cannabis site. There may be others I don't know.

The second strain is also from a member here that has been on a sabbatical for several years even had the rumor that he is deceased. Six yeaSix ago he popped up and said I'm not dead! Personally I think he's dead again?! lol

Mr.Greenjeans brought what were supposed to be from Mexico, from my understanding. Genetics back to Hawaii, through making inbred and filial selections. The genetics became acclimated to the Hawaiian environment and quickly became a plant of urban legend. For those that were blessed to try her, it was truly an honor.

So the Cherry Bomb is the second strain I will be doing a reproduction preservation on. It's my great honor to have these genetics and be able to give back to the community and the man who shared them with me.

I will be growing out both strains over the next two years. Keeping only the males from one strain each year for the preservation of each strain individually. In the process I will have two versions of the same plant from opposite parental donors.
(Mother of Pearl x Cherry Bomb) and ( Cherry Bomb x Mother of Pearl).

While I have done comparisons in the past with parental reversals and their progeny. Seeing these two phenotypic expressions combined excites me to no end. I will make these f1's available to the icmag and private communities.

My goal is to work towards early onset of flowering and finishing times by selections, and not the use of Ruderalis/hemp genetics. Mario of Delicatessen made incredible advances through his selections using this technique. I'm using these same techniques and I will be calling them my (Moon Strangler Series). The first hybrid cross of the Mother of Pearl x Cherry Bomb and it's reversed siblings will be called (Moon Strangler Thai).

The other three genetics that will be incorporated at some time are the China Yunnan from Ace seeds, The Blue Thai from Dinafem and Casey Jones. They all have an Asian lineage and I believe that is what makes them great!

There is certainly much to be learned from this experience and endeavor. I would hope Mr.Greenjeans isn't dead and could share more details about his incredible works. I thank Neville, Kanga, Bushweed, RC_colas, Huesos, Oregon Kid and Mystic Funk of Cryptic Labs for their great efforts and decades of work. I have a vast genetics library of over 150 strains/landrace varietals. They're all on hold for this project. I have tried to give this library away, but found the cost of shipping to mount up quickly especially when shipping overseas.

I'm still refining a long term time capsule containing cannabis culture. I have had albums and various other items donated for this purpose. Long term I would love to see or know that the possibility of the dead sea scrolls could play out with cannabis seeds and cheech & chong. People millennia from now laughing at (Dave's not here!).

Peace farmerlion


Fungal Repositories
One of the cool things about L.A.B. is its virtually free as I make my own. So definitely not following any hype marketing techniques
BUT I have not done a legit side by side to see how plants perform with and without it...

I will have to give the Sea-90 a try.
My first question would be this...
how would one go about monitoring the salinity of his/her medium? Would the Sea-90 build up over time? Would you eventually reach a point where it was no longer needed?

Midwestkid, thank you for your question. Honestly I don't monitor anything anymore. I could and have just to double check stuff. I really only confirmed what I already knew. A high microbial content in your soil is self balancing on everything. Please keep in mind that anything new introduced can and will have an effect on your soil.

I haul water in 3 and 5 gallon watering jugs. I add 1 tsp of Sea-90 to 3 gallons of water and 2 tsp of Sea-90 to 5 gallons of water. I don't do this with every bottle, I average 9 to 15 gallons of water per day unless it's extremely hot. Then I will give another watering at or around sundown. Then I split about 10 gallons between the 19 grow bags.

Yes with anything it can be over done. One of the best lessons I can share is , more isn't better. The amount listed on the bag and website is what Dr.Maynard Murray used for his hydroponic system. I'm sure that ratio works incredibly well for hydroponics. It will be far to rich for soil and organic health. I have discussed new packaging and rates specifically for this product with Mike the owner of Sea-Agri Solutions.

I feel he is a little nervous about jumping in bed with the cannabis industry. Marketing with cannabis packaging on their website could turn off the very traditional/conservative market he works with. Personally I would like to take his product on tour and shoow people at Cannabis Cups and Rallies what they are missing in quality and cost reductions.

I hope this helps you out , peace farmerlion


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Sounds like a neat project you have lined out.

And Thanks for your application rates. I will give the Sea-90 a try on my next run.


Fungal Repositories
Hello friends, the days and weeks are clicking/counting down until preperation of spring planting. Get your genetics ordered and have a plan in place. Consider options with males before hand. Are you doing a hybrid cross or culling the males?
Is having a tent really worth the lack of proper ventilation? Is the tent really a security measure or did you buy something you really don't need? Have you ever seen a tent in nature? Hmmm?

What would make your environment better 🤔 Most importantly, what are your true goals? Are you carrying a certain product banner or style of growing to fit in or be among what is perceived as the majority or popular 🤔

Answering questions honestly to yourself will help you reach your true goals much faster. If your goals in any way have a final resting place that depends on others opinions, please make new goals.

Pleasing others is only a goal when it is a service or a gift unto them, not when seeking gratification or envy in return. Did you or are you choosing genetics because of a bud shot? Whole plant picture shots don't lie, does the description match the whole plant picture?

Hold the people claiming results of grandure accountable. How long is it repeatable? How does this make me a better grower or provider for others? Just some thoughts to consider over the coming weeks. Please go back and re study what I've shared here. I want you to experience your best growing yet, you need proper goals and encouragement.

Peace farmerlion


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Hey I’m subbed farmerlion
im just mixing my media to get a crop going
that feeder tube idea for the micro beastie is cool