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For those of you looking for a place to grow in Anchorage


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... If something was owned free and clear, and set up correctly, you’d have no bank loan issue, so then it comes down to if you can get insurance to cover risk of theft injury or damage…
I know the industry is in a tough spot right now, but there is lots up upside potential if the government get out of the way....
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The cost to buy via 'land contract' or 'owner financed' is less than the rental rates. I'm just waiting for the right opportunity... Alaska, or elsewhere

Flubber :canabis:

Old posts, I know, but per the insurance co's we've met with, "illegal drugs (to include federal definition) being produced or sold from a property, will result in the insurer being exempt from pay-out on property damages/losses."

No, we haven't spoken to many insurers, but take the above statement to heart when you're wiring, or doing anything that if not done properly, could cause you serious mayhem.

If you strike out, burn down, etc., you may well be left holding the bag... and the 'bag' in question is -not- filled with nice large green colas.

Even getting the information can leave you suspect. Once the conversation is approached, then you may have given the insurer a reason to take a closer look at you if you're already a patron of that company.

Undoing over 80 years of persecution, courtesy of BS federal and other propaganda, still offers many examples of how cannabis users and growers are still one of many red-haired step-children in N. America.. even when it's supposedly legal at the State or municipal level. Both of those entities have actively sucked the federal tit for $$ big time, and have tended to bow for that reason in the past. And the insurers are all about their making money, more so than worrying about your circumstances.

Your 9th & 10th Amendments were sold to the highest bidder, the feds, a long time ago.

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