First grow, Makeshift nightstand 78w


Hey guys, I'm new to this forum. Also fairly new to growing. Well here are my cab specs.

Available grow space 1.2ft2
78w Cfl 2(18w) + 1(42w)
lumen output = 4k ish
Veg lights 6500k

Now for the good stuff...

Nirvana seeds Ice.
Soil : Fox Farms Ocean

No nutes used yet but will use foxfarms grow big + Happyfrog.

I'm new to this and this is my first grow so I may need some help and advice, I just figured out how to keep my cab at the mi 80s


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Do not use clear containers to plant in. Itll grow loads of algae around your roots

I learned this the hard way...


I second rotating those lights. They emit much less lights from the ends, than the sides, so you are losing alot of potential light directed at the walls.

You could just switch to 2 40 watt CFLs (I use them, a little warmer but nothing near hot). Either mount them side ways, or hang them as you have them now one on either side of the plant. The 40 watters are pretty tall and hung vertically on the sides of the plant means more light to surface area of the plant, which is good for micros.


good success with one 40 watt cfl
CFL mounted mid cabinet and vertically

2 plants. keep buds close to light as possible.
setup will produce.


Sorry, that was my first set up, now the bulbs are set up correctly so I get a bit more space and light rays for my baby. I only have one baby set up since its my first time. I will try to LST the crap out of it and try to go for at least 1-1.5 oz dry I know its a lot to ask since I'm a newb but who knows

Shall I fail I will plant some master kush and dinafem blue widow. Got them in by medicine cabinet ready for next round :p

I re did the whole cab and everything.

its week 1, with 4 days

Can't wait till week 2 so I can start feeding her grow big.

Here is a pic of when I transplanted 2 days ago to a better container. Will post more pics soon.

In case you where wondering if the noob messed up by transplanting I have some pictures to give an answer.

RE done cab, bulbs are slightly slanted cant keep em all at 90 degree since the fan is next to them so they are at a 35 degree angle fixed the fan so I get a nice 85-87 degrees

Also added a makeshift CO2 generator :p


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I'm all for micro grows, but I just want to put something into perspective for you. Do you know how much an oz looks like with the stems and leaves still attached? It doesn't look like your space will facilitate the buds if you ask me. I'm all for micro grows, I just don't see you pulling 75g+ wet with those lights. I'd love if you could prove me wrong btw! :)

Also, with CO2, the amount of CO2 you're adding is being quickly whisked away due to the fan you got there. The real benefit of using CO2 is in a sealed air conditioned room with meters and all the fancy jazz. With plain ol' fresh air, you'll be supplying the plant with PLENTY of usable CO2, just keep that in mind. But if you wish to see if it helps, by all means! ;)

Also, less is more. I wouldn't start feeding it heavy nutes until it starts asking for it(leaves with slight spots, light coloring, etc etc). As mentioned before, the soil you're using already has quite a bit of nutrient in it. As you can see from the nice coloring on your little baby, it's enjoying it a lot. I would wait AT LEAST until 7-8 nodes until feeding, maybe even more depending on how good it looks.

It appears the cotyledons are still intact, they will fall and drop off when the plant grows more. This is normal. If you don't know what they are, they're the first circular leaves that pop out of a seed, not to be confused with the first true leaves.

Hope this helps!


I've seen an oz of dried but never still on a plant, I'm hoping that if I can Lst good so I can get around a ounce at least. I read that lst grows can pull off a good yield in micro, but I'm a noob and have no experience growing. I've been researching a lot, I my end up with less then a ounce or maybe even an eighth but it will be a learning experience.

Well the cab is my nightstand and I'm the only living organism there that can generate enough co2 in the room to keep it healthy and I'm rarely there. I'm hoping that the some c02 gets absorbed. and hopefully the other co2 expelled from the exhaust gets recirculated in the room.

Yeah its cute baby leaves are still there.
I'm not 100% sure on all the rules but I bought all of Jorge Cervantes' DVDs and he's taught me a thing or two.

Thanks for all of the advice, I hope to improve and share my findings with you guys.


Your room isn't sealed off from the rest of the earth's don't need the C02 especially with a fan sucking it right out....I grow in a closet that gets its intake from a room that rarely has anyone in it ever with great results....

Realistically, you probably won't get an oz using 78w's of cfls on your first go, but you can produce 1/2 that easily if you do things correctly and listen when you get good advice....don't worry if you get bad advice there are enough members that can call BS when we see it :good:



I say keep the C02 in there. I do the same (Yeast, and water) and even if the benefit is tiny, its cheap, and power free.

I don't know if you have experience with yeast, but every week or two I tend to add a little Jam, or 2-3 raisins work, as the yeast need a new sugar supply to keep living and producing C02. A little shake of the bottle every so often helps too.

I'm not one for saying what can and cannot be done, so I hope you do pull that ounce. I'm on my first as well, a CFL grow, with Nirvana seeds as well. I am looking like I am going to be in the .6-.7 Grams per watt zone, so pulling down a gram per watt or near it on your first grow, with patience, is not out of the question no doubt. Especially if you have a knack and a green thumb.

Also, don't forget with those 23 watt cfls you can pretty much get the plant almost touching the light (After a couple weeks), they produce little heat.


Day 11


Day 12


Need feed back guys do you think I messed up. Looks sort weird in shape but this is my first grow. Any feedback?


I thought that the nodes grew far apart from each other. The straw is to get air in the soil. Should I take it out?


I have a question I really hate to bump the thread but I really need to know in the 12/12 cycle does the room have to be 100% dark because I think I get tiny light leaks from my light in my room since this is a night stand.

I'm on my 2nd week of 12/12 and still haven't seen any calyxes :( I think it's still vegging because Its growing fast still Ive tied my ladies down so they won't get up there but I'm scared that they will get too big and I don't want to cut.


Yes, your cab should be completely dark during the night cycle for flowering to occur. Light leaks can cause delays in flowering and hermaphroditism. Good job so far, they look very healthy.