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Fess up! how many of you old farts need a nap?


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yup its about 2pm been on the computer for awhile and gettin tired ..... time for a nap before the ball & chain gets home from work .

by the way..... i think i like this role reversal thing i got going here. she works now & i stay home clean the house & tend to my garden ...... lifes good !

all of it ...... her idea !!


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I work a 12 hour night shift, so I often take naps on my days off, or the day I go back to work.

And since I'm a bona fide insomniac anyway, I'll catch a few winks anytime I can


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i take my nappie on my lunch brake,about 15 min,works for me to finish of the rest of the day


I try to take a couple 15 minute power naps during the day. Its nice until the wife catches me and wakes me up. she's very anti-nap.


Once you let go of the nagging anxiety that there is "always shit that needs done around here" it's very productive, peaceful sleep.I get some of my most creative thinking done during those power naps as well.


I 'm ... sometimes I nap. sometimes I feel nineteen and go all day.
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nothing like a power nap and wakeing up to fresh :pie: just out of the oven!

TT :tiphat:


I'm 47 and take a nap weather I need it or not.I find it easy to get in the habit of taking one everyday,especially when I light that oil.:good:


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Nap? I sometimes manage a powernap (at times i the car) but I really would enjoy a nap every day -15 min is enough. I actually took more naps when I was younger.


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The hour between 8 and 9 pm is an obstacle for me. If I stop moving, I'm asleep. Once I get past that hour I'm good for many hours to come.

It's not an old guy thing (though I'm now over 50). Back when I was a twentysomething, it used to be the 9-10 hour that got me. I guess as I get older that 'narcoleptic hour' moves up earlier in the day.