f2k's g13diesel experiance


i was lucky enough to snag me a pack of g13diesel off seedbay recently! with my order i received a generous amount of 14 seeds in my pack :jump: i started my adventure off by germinating 6 seeds in a paper towel then planting straight into fox farms light warrior under my 400w MH.

with a germination rate of 100% and a 50% survival rate, i resulted with these three nice specimens:

two weeks


one week

they've been fed nothing but water from germination. today i gave them their first dose of nutrients(diluted mixture of liquid karma, bio grow, algamic, fish mix). in the the next few weeks i plant to transplant them and sex them under my 1000w hps.

its a real pleasure to be growing one of h3ads great varieties! :headbange
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yes it's from Head, you didn't read it above?

i'm taggin' this one f2k, though i'm sure i'll see 'em in person and help ya trim again!



o shit the FUCKEM grew is teaming up, sorry guys, vape will make you a little on the dumber side.

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so f2k, why'd you feed 'em so early...? i've never fed a plant thats wasn't 5 inches tall atleast.... must've really diluted that shit! see ya tonight for the Big Bong Session!



thanks for stopping in everyone!

grapepunched said:
so f2k, why'd you feed 'em so early...? i've never fed a plant thats wasn't 5 inches tall atleast.... must've really diluted that shit!

already at 2 weeks, its about time to give them a little something to jump start more rapid growth. usually if i leave seedlings like these on a plain water diet, they tend to have slow(almost none) vert growth while overall color diminishes and cotyledons start to wilt. the slow growth i'm experiancing could be contributed to my environment(fairly low humidity) and my soil may needs more perlite to breathe? i'm still learning so theres time for critiquing

if memory serves right, i fed them a 1/4 diluted mix of 5ml biobiz bio-grow, 5ml liquid karma, 5ml alg-a-mic, 1-2ml biobizz fish mix. a very light mix that should provide some nutrients to catalyze some vigorous new growth.

heres a shot of some original bubblegum(local clone) i recently harvested:


hope everyone has a good and green weekend!


wow i really need to update this!! all three specimens are topped and almost ready to clone. i'm just starting to figure out that they really like a lot of food. in the next few weeks ill have them cloned and ready to get sexed/flowered. then things will get really interesting

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think ill jump aboard here if you dont mind.
i won a pack of the G13D last year.. and this year ran em. right now, i finally have my female (after starting the first batch 6/6 males (2 of which were natural hermies) ... then the next batch i got 5/6 females. lol.) and will be looking forward to running a few in my bunkbed in the near future.

meanwhile, i think ill stick around here and watch you grow em out!
but you might have to update more often! lol.

ill subscribe anyway!
best of luck..


NZJay watch those females for hermies, ive grown these out myself and 3 outa 4 were hermies, (nothing else in the room hermies), but I'll tell you this much THEY ARE BOMB!! I've got 3 new plants veggin right now. Super Killer weed! Nice yield, Nice smell, good vigor, overall a great plant. Im gonna add that 2 were slight Hermies and 1 was pretty bad. Even with the hermie SD traits its well worth having in your garden! My phenos were done at 8 weeks and were stout and healthy all the way through. Id recommed this cross from Head to anyone.


thanx for that Madcow.. i will be keeping an eye on the 1 female i have for sure.
would love to try this cross for sure!
Congrats on your grow! I too had a hermie( I was gifted two cuts) lady, but I'll tell you what, it may have been the enviroment. Anyway, the smoke was topnotch to say the least. The other lady did not hermie at all and was some of the best I've ever had. Good luck with your grow as you have some AWSOME genetics! :headbange


glad to have yall on board Gratefulh3ad, NZjay and QuietStorm!

alright fellow h3ads, heres some long overdue pics of my 3 phenos(so far). i must say, it took me awhile to dial these suckers in correctly to get nice green foiliage and proper growth. one thing that may of contributed was not transplating into an ammended mix like fox farms ocean forest, instead i was using reused soil from past harvests. but to make up, i just had to up the feeding which is the same i give my bubba kush to keep her looking healthy(15ml biogrow, 10ml liquid karma, 10ml calmag+, 10ml sweet,10ml algamic, 2-5ml fish mix, and 5ml hygrozime per gallon).

--in 1/2gal grow bags
pheno #1, the lankest pheno. cloned and ready to be sexed:

pheno #2, a shorty:

pheno #3, another shorty:

more pics soon! things are really picking up


You look to be doing very well......
How do you like those plastic growbags? Was thinking of trying em myself. Are they stable enough for the root mass?


thanks fondapeter and GuyManDude!

fondapeter - i really like the growbags and find em pretty sturdy and efficient. they stand a little taller and are a little thinner than a nursery pot of the same size allowing more surface area coverage. they're also much much cheaper than pots which is a big + for me .

i must say the 7gal bags seem to hold WAY more than a 7gal nursery pot which caught me off guard. aside from having to get more soil than planned, the plants are absolutely loving the extra root space.

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