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'F-k it, I Quit' Former News Woman, Has Dispensary Shutdown by the APD


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Former KTVA news anchor, Charlo Green, had her dispensary raided this past Friday even though marijuana is legal under state law.


Reference: https://www.marijuanapackaging.com/...rter-gets-marijuana-dispensary-raided-by-apd/


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Sad is right.i cant wait till this type of sh!t quits.i cant stand the idea of people getting harassed about a plant.pure evil man.its like they want people to convert to there ideas or suffer.fuk them one love

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This is a tokers den conversation. The women's forum is supposed to be about women; not just stories that have a women involved. Funny tho men seem to use the forum the most.


She's not a marijuana advocate. She never even bothers to show up to city hall meetings. All she cares about is promoting her brand and "club"

She makes vendors pay $500 before they will even be "allowed" to put down product on consignment that she will never pay back. She has a long history of skipping on her bills