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Dreamweaver crosses and smell

Those of you growing the Dreamweaver crosses, how is the smell? I have been growing a C99 cross for a couple of years now, and I have been interested in MODs DW for awhile now as something a little more mellow. I have not seen anything on the smell though. I am hoping to find something not too stanky.


Buteo Jamaicensis
im growing dreamgoddes which is the menage et trois freebie, smell wasnt that noticable until the 4/5 week off flower then it cut through my entire residence, not a strong rancid smell but noticable enough to tell coming in from out side. carbon filters a must towards the end from my experience but in the beginning its not that bad, hope thats what you were lookin for.
Cool. That is the strain I am looking at. I had also been looking at a White Widow, but for $25 and a slightly shorter flower time, the Dream Goddess is hard to resist. I do have a carbon filter and a Vaportek, so I can handle some smell, just no Diesels or Skunks for me for now :D