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Double Jam


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Thank you very much for the kind words, Mtn. Nectar ! Also appreciated. :tiphat:

My experience with the initial F1 cross and its subsequent generation were always pleasent,
ranging from tachycardia to "everything is as it should be/just irie" in some earlier harvested
november flowers.
Harvested in december, experienced more of a rounded effected, less edgy maybe, but still very nice,
puts a smile on my face and gives me an euphoric and upbeat feeling at the beginning.

And once you think you aren't that high anymore because you're just feeling good and maybe you could indulge in another few puffs you look into the mirror and see (sorry for the use of language) yourself with
a shit-eating smile and very red eyes.
No heavyness or hard comedown/confusion, some of the purple ones might be a little bit
dreamier/introspektive/mellow whereas some green ones are more bright/active/sharp in effect.
They all will rather keep keep you up than put you to sleep.

In regard of trichome color, havn't found any amber ones on last years harvest.
To me the majority appears still clear. Would assume they still could've gone longer.
Also were they grown outdoors/greenhouse at higher latitude wich isn't optimal,
moreover were they pollinated/no sinsemilla, but I like them nevertheless. :smoke:

Thanks & Cheers


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Kwik seeds double jam repro. Almost ready


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