DoobieDuck 2020 Still kickin...


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Yup, Doobie's still growing another year. I hope you'll join me and tag along. I dug thru my vast seed collection and pulled out some seed as old as 2008. A lot of early hazes, some of my own creations, some newer varieties. Most from our finest breeders.

Some extinct breeders and varieties too. With plans on making some small seed batches with them, crosses using these hazes. If I survive to finish the grow and the summer :)

Here's whats germing.

Gypsy Luang Prabang Lao Sativa, Arjan Haze x Cinnamon, Ace Haze x Kali China, Tom Hill Haze, Tom Hill Monkey Haze F2, Sam the Skunkman Haze x Skunk #1, Relentless Sour Dubb Haze, CSI Humboldt - Dead Zone, CSI Humboldt Mendo Purp F2s, CSI Humboldt Ice Age, Doobies’ Old Moon Monkey, Ethos genetics Citral Flo R1 V2, CoolMoe PCK x Boggle Diesel, Goat and Monkey seed Blue Triangle, Bodhi TTNL#6 x Appalachia, Bohempians’ Nigerian x F13

I will post soon the best descriptions I could formulate and find of these. I'm open to adding to that if you have info for me. I'm also open to suggestions of what you'd like to see me breed; but let's hold off on that until I have confirmed male and females. A lot of these I had less that 6 seed left in my stash. I have seedlings up of all of them germed, but more of some than others.

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Tynehead Tom

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cool. I have a pack of ttnl6x Appalachia sitting in the stash too
will be lurking to see how they turn out for ya


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Hey D.D.
Really good to see you around. I'll be following this.


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double D... Wheres all those super sick DETAILED pics....good to c ya arounds...u still frequent the lab???


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I'm tuned in Doobie, Hope the 2020 seasons the best yet! Good luck and may the garden stay blessed!:tiphat:


Bat Macumba

What are you germing those in? Glad to see those Laos came up. Great collection to sort through.


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I'm out of rep Doobie but I'll be following to see another great show from your amazing garden.

Not surprising to see many old heads gathering here, I wish everyone an happy 2020 :biggrin:


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Ethos Skunk Hero

Ethos Skunk Hero

@bucketswithsoil good to see you, the Lab? ZLabs yes?
Here are some macros fresh yesterday of Ethos Genetics Skunk Hero taken past the optimum finish time just to create images of amber resin for you to enjoy. Fine art Amber captured by Jeff Scheetz aka DoobieDuck.

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