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Dolce, Medina x Jack, SI, Fighting Buddha, HMBB


Bat Macumba
Gang's all here...

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Dolce - 5/5
Medina - 4/5 (thought I had 6 or 7 but I was mistaken.)
FB - 5/6
SI - 1/1
HM x BB original - 4/5 with more to come.

I think I want to make seeds with all of these except the Medina. That's a different kind of crop 😉

The Dolce and the FB are definitely going to have a party with the HM x BB. Other outcross material includes Bordello, Sweet Tooth, LMI, LUI, and Deep Chunk. A little bit of Haze breeding material in my collection, too, but that's for another thread. This one's all about picking berries.

Thanks Chi, BR, and all the great growers here who keep me inspired. Let's make this run a little more bombastic than the last one.


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I've have a lot of the Blueberry crosses in the fridge. Encouraged by your germ rate.
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Can't decide which of my Dolce to keep at the moment. They are all lovely. Sweetness with pine and strong high. Good for being creative whilst also being boxed. Picking the best and keeping it around for as long as possible.


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Stizo Did you keep any males or make any seeds? I'm interested in taking the Dolce to F2 based on other threads/recommendations.


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bsgospel Hey dude. I wish! I did a hunt though lots of the packs of seeds I'd bought and stashed. I tried to keep some males but lost them in bad weather and only have three females of the Dolce to choose from but they are all top shelf. The nose on them when you open a jar. One smells like cherry cola. One has pine mixed with lime and soda. And the high is soaring and long lasting without being edgy. I'll be keeping at least one of these for as long as I can and wouldn't think twice about buying another pack. So far out of 4 Chimera vars, I've tried, I've yet to find an undesirable plant. Great for being proactively creative.


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Original plantings were done on 7/23, a couple stragglers joined after. Let's check in. Photos all taken today.

Medina x Jack

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Dolce Sativa
Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_20210805_183624466_HDR.jpg Views:	57 Size:	201.0 KB ID:	17912724

A5 & SI
Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_20210805_183721454_HDR.jpg Views:	57 Size:	202.7 KB ID:	17912725

Fighting Buddha
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Bat Macumba
Dropped more seeds into water today, too.

1 each of Lemon Floss, High Test, and Special K x SS. The floss and high test have given me some problems in the past but I'm going for it. They'll pop or they won't. Figured I'd just do it and see. I've got one lemon and one high test left. Cleansed briefly with peroxide/water, rinsed and put in a solution containing a couple drops of Thrive Alive B1 Red.

I'm also on the edge about going for the full pack of Mental Floss x Jack. This setup has a lot of BB but no Mental Floss. So I'll either get the Lemon Floss or we'll do the MF x J.


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Fingers crossed, prayers being said, calling out to the universe- I got a small tail on the High Test. Furthest I've got with these. After dropping it in the thrive alive solution, I jimmied a quick GA3 solution to apply to a paper towel. Roughly 200-250 ppm. The seed is now in dirt and I am hoping so much I can get one above ground.

No action on the Lemon Floss or Special K 😶


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The tail on the high test is desiccated/withering. I'm not expecting much. No movement on Lemon Floss or Special K.

On to Mental Floss x Jack! I'll drop em later this evening.


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Bat Macumba
HM x BB original

Three distinct types have arisen from the six. Two tall, even branched, lots of nodes.
Two tall, uneven branches, lots of nodes.
Two medium, uneven branches, less nodes.

Nothing has shown sex yet. I'm going to flip tonight to get some idea.

These are kept small on purpose, only planning to run cuts. Self the best and see what comes out. Try to get them as true as possible as soon as possible. Then utilize any males to get to F2. The goal here is to keep the smoke in tact but find the best suited for indoor growing. One has already demonstrated that it demands more feed. Two others seem content to chill and keep green with minimal feeds and light. Once we get to flower we'll find out who's got the best smoke and who can manage their height easily.

I also took cuts of 3 Dolce, 4 SI, 2 A5, 1 MJ, and 1 FB where the regulars were showing female (and the fems were obviously fems)


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TL;DR: Popped new packs. I'm ready to flip 6-7 Dolce/FB/Medina into flower next week. Hold back some others and start a staggered/perpetual harvest cycle. Then start working in the Congo x BH and MF x Jack. HMBB will get it's own tent and timeline.

Popped a full pack of Mental Floss x Jack and a full pack of Congo x Blockhead. Then I went back to my lone seed of FIH x THH, a couple Hawaiian Spice, a single Schnazz #3 + two Karma HPH x Skunk x SDbx2 + one ACE CBD #1. Zero viable HS out of 3. The Schnazz took about two weeks to pop but I got her in soils last night. We'll see if she can hang on and actually sprout. The FIH x THH was also slow but did actually sprout. Not the strongest seedling (in fact, very slow). One HPH x SD2 is a bit mottled and weird but the other looks very healthy. CBD #1 looking baller. (Descriptions just for my own journaling. I'll save those pics for the appropriate subs.)

A couple rounds of cloning have gone well. I found two more female Fighting Buddha, they clone incredibly quick (4 days in one case) and veg has been awesome, too. That left two males- I kept one based on structure and stem rub. I'm leaning towards the sweet smelling stuff for these.

All three Dolce cloned very quickly and vigorously as well. One male was very cheesy (almost vomitous) so I went with the other sweet/blueberry smelling option.

The SI were a bit slower to clone but all did show roots after 12 days. They just don't seem to want to veg on the same rhythm as everyone else. Too much feed, too much light? Not enough? I don't know. All the same description for the A5.

Initially I thought I had two female HM x BB but another showed sex yesterday. All three females were of the more nodeful phenos. One confirmed early male but the other two seem like they'll be male to my eye.

I busted out the 315 to start really pushing the veg plants. But it started getting really hot so I took a shot on a ViparSpectra XS2000. It'll be here next week. Got it for 200 flat with an amazon coupon. Lot of good reviews with pics and videos. If the par map they advertise is to be believed (which I know, grain of salt) the light could provide a pretty excellent intensity/spread for 240w. I think if it performed to even 70% of what they're advertising, I'd still be kicking ass at 16-18" above canopy.

On a personal note, I resigned my position last month at the dispensary I helped start up two years ago. It all came down to stress and inability to keep up with what I was asked to provide. Fucking clones, man. In Massachusetts, you're not allowed to (legally) use cloning gel in a licensed facility. The rooting rate kept threatening production numbers. I kept pulling full, green crops out of my ass but they kept pressing me. We weren't even hard up for flower. I shit you not- I pumped out more than 1000 lbs that they couldn't move. Just imagine having an extra 1000 lbs of grade A to do whatever. You couldn't move around the cure room properly. Not one pat on the back. Not one 'good going'. And I actually liked that job and those guys. They were real growers and knew their Ag but damn- little positivity could've gone a long way. I keep telling myself that at least I left on my own terms instead of being fired but I was funneled into that choice. It was never really a choice.



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Seedlings look great! Any standouts among those going into flower?

Too bad about the job - just like work to take the fun out of something so enjoyable. Are all rooting hormones banned, or is it more targeted? Sounds frustrating!


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Thanks man. I had to go back to a thread over in Nutrients & Ferts to get some tips on using LED's and feeding appropriately. I've picked up a couple spots and blemishes recently. When they go under the 315 they fix up immediately.

Among those the FB #1 and the DS #2 are drinking everything I feed them and more. Best growth, early smells, and roots. Topped everything yesterday, so they'll go to flower once I see some branching.

Mass won't let you use anything with an EPA number. Or rather they need to be of a designation that is called 25b exempt; things that are so benign that the EPA doesn't recognize them as worthy of regulating (essential oils, etc.) So, since IBA and IAA have EPA numbers, you can't use them. The whole idea is to keep fucked up pesticides out of grows and off plants (fair enough) but having cloning gel get swept under that is nonsense. A grow out here got caught using Clonex and they were fined $75,000. Not joking. All I could do was work the environment and use a non-potent fish gel called FOOP (best combo after trialing a dozen equally impotent products and methods.) Incredibly frustrating. I've never felt like a bigger failure and it wasn't even my call.


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I'm going to try again to add some Schnazz to this stew. I'm trying one of my two remaining Schnazz #3 and a few Schnazz #2 from Shmavis . Edit: I'm going to kick in a couple NL x Chem while I'm at it since I never got to finish that run a couple years ago.

The Congo x BH + MF x Jack are vegging real slow-like but I think I've got a good balance of height and light strength going now. I'll probably switch back to coco regardless. The plants are just drinking too slow for my tastes and I didn't have this issue with coco under the same light earlier this year. I love the quality of soil but I'm having the same problem now that Kal and Shmavis were describing in the Schnazz #2, 3, 4 thread. Probably need to set up another tent while I'm at it. Rent's due, y'know? :dance:

The FIH x THH is small and slow but is among the healthiest I have now. If it continues this way, I expect great things.

Of the 8 Congo x BH (one kicked it), there are two that smell freakin' sweet. Just like the Congo x SS. Praying those are stout, heavy yielding females. Deep blue/green + wide and round leaves.

Not a lot of smell on the MF x Jack but a healthier lime green. They took well to topping early and make even/symmetric branch beginnings.

HM x BB - 4 females now and one male. The sixth is likely destined to chop. It's too slow (whatever it's sex) and there's hardly any vegetation on it/nodes are too few/branches too skinny.

Second round of cloning going a bit slower than the first but there seems to be callus on just about everything. This is only day 8, so I should chill and let them do their thing.

FB #2 has overtaken FB #1 as my favorite. It took to the LED's better and branched/pinched/topped better, as well.

Flowering in a couple days now.


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6-7", couple nodes, little scratch on the stem, gel, place in rockwool/peat plug/cup of coco, half strength feed (.8-1.0 EC), keep the humidity up for just a day or two, start letting them breathe more on day 3 & 4, dome disappears completely on about day 5 or 6. This is usually when I see roots. It has happened on rare occasion I get roots at day 4- that is absolutely not the norm though. I assume Day 7-12 for 90-100%.

This other way though, without the gel-....fuck I don't have time to type it out right now, haha. I'll spin you some deets when I get a moment. (Started working down at the hydro store in the interim. Might go take a swing at a medicinal license in Mississippi next year.)