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diy trimmer


1x Compact Rotary Tool (dremel or similer)
1x RC Propeller
1 Old Chair
a Load of bicycle spokes
Some Wood
Some Screws

A bit of Bish bash bosh and viola you have yourself a trimming machine.. It works pretty well but I think it could do with a more powerful Rotary tool as this one slows down if anything large gets caught in the blade.



Looks very ingenious!

I'd add some kind of porous bag (like a hoover has) to collect the trim, otherwise I'd be pulling bits of leaf out of the nooks and crannies in the room for months...Not good for security. lol

joe fresh

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nice work, very thoughtful but in all honesty i could trim that bud better and faster by hand....maybe a bigger motor and steel blades....

Sam the Caveman

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Nice work, but it doesn't look like it works that well. Maybe if you sharpened the blades it would be much better.

I would like to build one out of a 5 gallon bucket using a mounted drill inside with a steel blade that can be removed and sharpened. Also have a hole in the side of the bucket that you can shove a vacuum hose into to create some suction.

A few more mods to your set up would make it much better I think.
Brilliant idea. Try putting the propeller on upside down though because then the thinnest, sharpest parts of the blades will be facing up. I'm guessing that will make it trim much better.

Well done shafty, i like it a lot.


Unless you area commercial grower, power trimmers are the ultimate in drug abuse. No mechanical trimmer can achieve the quality of hand pruned flowers.


was literally knocked together in lunch hour from stuff in garage so i know it needs some refinement lol work in progress, just didnt know if could be any help to anyone


Alot of medical growers struggle with pruning, test this baby out, cheap and easy!
A badly trimmed nugget for some people, gold dust!



cheers guys its pretty effective on bigger nugs even just to start them off then tidy them by hand alot of people hate trimming so its an easy diy, am gunna make up a new blade possibly out of something a bit better and with a more powerful motor might go down hobby store pickup a rc heli/plane motor to get most out of it