DIY Ca/Mg+ using 15.5-0-0 calcium nitrate?



Would it be possible to replace or replicate something something like Technaflora's MagiCal (2-0-0, 2% nitrate nitrogen, 3.25% calcium, ...) using calcium nitrate salts with 15.5-0-0 (14.5% nitrate, 1% ammoniacal) and 19% calcium?

Seems like the answer is no based on simple math, but I'm just making sure.

How does Technaflora (or Botanicare, which is also 2-0-0 but w/ ammoniacal) do it?


It seems like using 15.5-0-0-19 salts would add just too much nitrogen to my mix for the amount of calcium it's adding.

How about calcium chelate (EDTA)? That would be a 0-0-0 NPK, right? Is it safe to use like that in pure chelate form? I've read vague references that pure calcium chloride might not work so well.

Are 2-0-0-ish products a combination of calcium nitrate and other calcium sources that aren't required to be listed on the label? If so, anyone know which?

I'm not too concerned about the magnesium portion at this point, although I am curious what type of magnesium is used that does not include sulfur. Can't be the magnesium sulfate (MgSO4), since sulfur would be listed on the bottles.

Carl Carlson

You can use Cal Nitrate.

Delta9 uses it along with the Jack's Professional Hydro (5-12-26).

Search for the passive plant killer thread and ask him about the Calcinit.


I know I can use calcium nitrate to add calcium, but my concern is too much N:Ca.

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