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Dispensary Recommendation


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Will be stopping in Juneau for a day in August as part of a cruise and need a recommendation for a rec dispensary there as well as a recommendation on any local worthy strains. Have plenty of my own stash here in sunny FL but don't have the balls to fly cross country through three different aiports while holding. Any help/advice appreciated. Peace.

moose eater

Past the time of your trip, probably, and sorry no one responded to you. This place can be like that.

That said, the 1998 Medical Cannabis Initiative in Alaska and, more specifically, the subsequent re-write (gutting) of that Initiative by then-Senator Loren Leman (puritan ass-hat, and one of the few commercial fishermen that I've known who doesn't have at least some history with Mary Jane), did not permit for formal medical dispensaries.

Leman's re-write of Alaska's medical canna law was basically a gate-keeping measure designed to undermine any truly functional medical cannabis programs, or potential for them, in Alaska.

We have retail outlets now, and it took the State 2 years or so to get THEM up and running. We're still dealing with blow-back from NIMBYs almost any time someone wants to start either a cultivation facility or a retail outlet in the Interior.

All of that outa' the way, I believe Juneau has at least one, and possibly more, retail outlets and cultivation facilities. There was recently (several moths ago) a snafu re. a grower/outlet there trying to pay his extensive taxes to the State Office that handles such payments in Los Anchorage. He was trying to mail cash in a box, and the post office was apparently informed of the contents, and because it was canna cash, they refused to send his money in for him.

Hope you enjoyed your trip through the S.E. Panhandle..