dirty rotten ......


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did any thing get sorted for this little guy?
fuck organised govt. we need to take care of these things ourselves


This is the kind of story that makes me sick. Big Pharma sends its Goons in to shut access down cause they know if this gets out that he is being treated and people actually believe it we are in deep shit they thought. I mean serious Montana, outta all the other states that have shops they choose Montana. Seems fishy like Pharma.
It's disgusting that they would target the Montana shops, the laws in Montana rivaled any state for their strictness regarding who received medical cannabis. Hey Obama, how bout that "change"? Hm? Anything? Thought so.


I wish I could sponser at the moment but my room is empty for a while till I find something to put into it. Just found out my seeds got stopped in customs today.....the wait continues.

Anybody in Montana that can help?
Hopefully people who are suffering from the fallout of this sick federal joke can find contacts in the nearby medical paradise of CO, with the legalization ballot showing high majorities in polls, who knows, we might become the Amsterdam of the US and this person's problems might be solved by the occasional drive down to a CO "Coffee Shop", but this wouldn't be until June of 2013 at the earliest, in the meantime I advise people to continue donating.


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Stories like this upset me...a lot. I wrote a ten page high school paper that had to have foot-notes and sources way back in 1972 advocating decriminalization...at the very least.

We've come a long way baby, right?... NOT. We've actually gone BACKWARDS as a people. The only comfort to those people might be knowing they certainly are not alone, there are hundreds of stories like this, and thousands more that could be helped but just don't know they could. But no, the feds are literally killing citizens. And it all boils down to money and making rich fuckers richer.

I always picture the old rich guy from the Simpson's as a representative from big pharma sitting there with his hands together, fingers together, like he is sort of praying, saying, "Yes,yes" whenever another dispensary is closed.

This is just nuts. Shame on those bastards.


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absolutely fuckin sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!:):):)
that has cheered me right up, cant tell you.
the people/parents dealing with this should be given a medal, not people running and chucking shit.
damn thats good news, shout it loud!