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At 14 weeks, I harvested half of 1 destroyer and they are drying in a cold (0-2 degrees C) with 50% humidity. The other half will be cut down this weekend. They dry in a unheated building so weather plays a factor on drying times in canada. The top colas are quite viney as they were flopping over onto the scrog.

Still waiting for seeded buds to dry.

I will get pictures later and post.

The high makes you think you have taken something that is not a typical cannabis high if it makes sense. Your memory does not function as it should and a mild concussion high shows up at times. Quite spacey.


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So while I was chopping destroyer, this version was quite viney. I have tops that were woven into the scrog net and after untangling they were from 24-36 inches. The destroyer dreadlocks. My guess is 6-7oz when it has cured. I still have a bit to chop on the left.

Middle plant is golden tiger. The destroyer in the the back will yield more in 4 weeks. I have really just left her alone for 5 weeks doing nothing and she loves it.


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Two Phenos, fans are saggy as I just sprayed them down with water


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Ha! Yes. My personal stash of Destroyer F2's are germinating, not many though. My batch was created in 2016 from 2 original Destroyer packs. I made f2's, crosses and etc. I still remember my Destroyer male and F13 male, NorCal Catpiss x Legend male standing in the corner of my veg room looking like KINGS. Only if I could get my Destroyer x Irene seeds to germinate. I have about 100 or so left. I salute this mission.

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