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Day 54 of DSD v2...


I have 4 of Zepp's DSD v2 females going right now. I'm running them alongside some of CSG GDP and a couple other very hightly sought after strains. I have clones of all of them. I have 2 very distinct phenos.

My favorite looking one appears to be fairly low yielding, but looks amazing. Very crystally, some mild purpling, long sphere shaped buds.

I haven't noticed any of the balls on any of them, as some others have reported. I grow just for the wife and I, so I'm not terribly concerned with yield.

I was just wondering if a lot of others have run these without any hermie issues, or if I was the only one. All of the other grow reports I read had hermie issues, and I'm starting to wonder if it was grower induced (no offense to anyone).