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Dampkring - Mexican Haze


Life is one big grow........
mexHaze is m fav. from dampring also!! Real great taste and super strong high!!!
even my fav. haze from a-dam!!!
ist it a5 x g13haze...will see if i find the post from freaky the breeder from this strain!!
also field is hugh...so a grow with leg like tops!!!
take it!! you cant go wrong...freaky is a top breeder...in my eys on of the best!!!


Life is one big grow........
enjoy it bro!! And smoke a fatty for me!!!
I remember a very very funny canoetrip!! we smoked a lot of mex haze!! and had some good cups of mushroom tea!! hell the river was wild!! Was one of my greates trips!!!


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Hi Belgowiet!

Have a nice weekend in A'dam....and good luck for your coffeeshopping!


sounds good, dampkring is my favorite coffeshop when it goes to the weed.

will definitely follow the threat.
Nice 1 man im hoping you do a nice grow diary or post some photos, while you in the dam tell them to send gypsy some mexhaze beans i wanna get a pack as well.


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I know this thread is old but MH really is the best ive evr had. Have smoked SSH and AM H from the dam and neither where anywhere near as good as this.

If I had the time and the equipment this would be my number 1 grow.


i think i bought over 12 strains so ill post them later.
i even got the super lemon haze from ghs and i realy dont know how they can win the cup 2 times in a row i bought slh 4-5 times the last couple of months and it whasnt that special ... its even sucks the last 3 times i bought it dont know why they call it lemon never tasted or smeld lemon if youre lucky it smells like ssh butt most of the time its just a bland smoke.. i got some very nice kandy kush from grey area that looks amazing and smells amazing i also got some cassy jones butt i post some photos later
Just got to get the right sativa pheno. A Pure sativa pheno you must have been fortunate enough to smoke. Not often the chance that people get expecially in northern climates with the ease of production of indica species indoors and the annoyance of a late finishing type of cannabis to really smoke up a nice sativa. I remember when I first smoked a haze. GOD DAMN I was as high as a motherfucker XD


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i bought 5 seeds ofmexican haze from kiwi and i have them in my fridge..the reason is that when i travel to amsterdam one friend told me for the damking MH.. so i been there and all the shop
smells mexican haze!
i like it more then nevilles haze and i bought it..they told that the kiwi seeds has the same strain with the mh of damking..

i smoke for years my own weed and i found the amsterdam very light..the weed i mean!!
the mh is one of the good stuff i ve tried there..

when i sprout the seeds il make a thread..
until then cheers with a good ssh:tiphat:


Mexican Haze has to be the most expensive strain in Amsterdam and is completely over rated.
Excellent weed none the less.:blowbubbles:

Love to see a Grow report


Dampkring - Mexican Haze

I'll be in Amsterdam this week. The name Mexican haze is just in appealing but I have been smoking it for easily more than 5 years and always a treat. Has probably the haziest taste of them all.

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this is great!
there is virtually no info on this kiwi cross.
i bought a couple packs of these due to what little bit i did read on it.
the few people who commented on this strain said it's awesome!

i'm so so so so happy i bought these!
you guys just made me realize i did the right thing!

cheers from the states!


Mexican Haze has to be the most expensive strain in Amsterdam and is completely over rated.
Excellent weed none the less.:blowbubbles:

Love to see a Grow report


Price is a fairly reasonable 13 euro per gram. Not on the counter menu atm but almost sure they still have some on the shelf.

Wouls love to see a grow report on kiwiseeds Mexican Haze. They offer alot of the Dampkrings Strains.


Definately the same, got 2 or more phenos, it must be an f1. Really nice high eh?

Made an f2, they had some really lovely mango phenos, and very long flowering ones (20wks). Really mold resistant, about 70%+ humidity

Crossed the f2 to dna chocolope, yet to grow these out, hope to cross this to outdoor thyphoon & hashplant 2 this year.

I have seen good results of people crossing indoor strains to hardy outdoor strains.